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Why Choose Proculus

Proculus Technologies is the leading innovative company in the industry of embedded devices, focusing on All-in-one TFT LCDs including UARTs and Android Solutions.

Proculus provides a complete and ever-improving LCD display solution for Intelligent Displays that makes GUI development simple, cost-effective, and fast. As a custom LCD and screen display manufacturer, we can provide you the custom LCD display, screen, and panel according to your demand.

  • High-quality and reliable Hardware.
  • Intuitive and frequently updated Software.
  • Simple and easy-to-learn Communication Protocol.
  • Short Lead-Time.
  • well-trained Support Team.
  • Cost-effective complete GUI Solution.

    Easy-to-use with

    UnicView AD Software


    Relieve engineers from codingand cut development time


    Customized GUIs with reliable hardware supply

  • UART LCD Module UART LCD Module

    Based on Proculus display hardware and software, communications between LCMs and MCU are implemented with only 5 simple serial commands, which greatly reduce the complexity and time-cost.

    UART LCD Module
  • Android LCD Module Android LCD Module

    As an LCD module company, Proculus Technologies offers the extraordinary performance of I/O and abundant ports to access the system from varied external devices.

    Android LCD Module
  • Starter Kit Starter Kit

    For sampling and testing, Proculus offers a starter kit that includes everything you need to understand how to use our LCMS.

    Starter Kit

Proculus is one of the most reliable LCD display manufacturers in China. Our intelligent LCM solutions allow you to create amazing GUls for all your products, from Customer Aplances to life-sustaining Medical Devices. You can make quick prototypes, in-house control interfaces, one-time projects, high-volume appliances, and everything you can imagine that would benefit from an affordable yet comprehensive GUI system.

  • Medical Equipment
    Medical Equipment
    The interface of Medical Devices must be easy to use, thoroughly tested, and fail-safe, lives are on the line. The LCD products made by Proculus, an LCD panel manufacturer, can be totally trusted.​
  • Industrial
    Engineering Industry often requires sophisticated GUIs, using diagrams, control panels, and dashboards. Proculus, as one of the most capable LCD screen manufacturers, can meet your needs.
  • Smart Home
    Smart Home
    Home appliances, thermostats, vending-machines, IoT devices, and many other products must have pleasing and intuitive GUIs to access the features and functions that make the customer's life easier, safer, and better.
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