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Technical Advantages of TFT LCD Monitor

Jan 26-2022

The TFT LCD monitor is a flat and ultra-thin display device, composed of a certain number of colors or black and white pixels, which are placed in front of the light source or the reflective surface. ...
26 Jan
Reasons for the Popularity of 10.1 TFT LCD Monitor

Jan 19-2022

1. Advantages of 10.1 TFT LCD monitorIn terms of the material, the selection of the 10.1 TFT LCD monitor material is very strict. It uses a hard screen material, and based on the characteristics of th...
19 Jan
What Will Affect the Price of LCD Display?

Jan 12-2022

At present, as LCD technology continues to mature, competition in the LCD LCD market is becoming more and more fierce, and each quotation is different. This is nothing more than a troublesome thing fo...
12 Jan
What is TFT LCD LVDS Interface?

Jan 05-2022

THE TFT LCD screen LVDS interface is the most common communication interface among TFT screen interfaces, and it is a low-voltage differential signal technology interface. It is a digital video signal...
05 Jan
Components of ​LCD Module

Dec 30-2021

The LCD display module is a type of display used in digital clocks and many portable computers. It uses two pieces of polarized material with a liquid crystal solution between them. The LCD display mo...
30 Dec
Five Advantages of LCD Display Module

Dec 23-2021

Do you know? The appearance of the LCD liquid crystal display can be traced back a long time ago. At the end of the 19th century, Austrian botanists discovered liquid crystals. Subsequently, British s...
23 Dec
How to Prevent Static Electricity on LCD Screens?

Dec 16-2021

Everyone knows that our human body generates static electricity, and sometimes generates high-voltage static electricity as high as tens of volts or hundreds of volts. LCD liquid crystal display produ...
16 Dec
What Will Determine the Brightness of the LCD Display?

Dec 09-2021

LCDs have been on the market for nearly 10 years, and they have completely replaced the most traditional CRT displays and become the absolute mainstream in the market. The structure of the LCD screen ...
09 Dec
What is the Uniformity of ​TFT LCD Display?

Nov 24-2021

TFT is thin film field effect transistor. The so-called thin film transistor means that each liquid crystal pixel on the liquid crystal display is driven by the thin film transistor integrated behind ...
24 Nov
The Differences Between TFT Color Screen and TFT Monochrome Screen

Nov 17-2021

With the continuous innovation of display technology, the types of display screens have become more and more, and different types of display products have also been applied to different industry termi...
17 Nov
The Production of LCD Display

Nov 10-2021

Ⅰ. The array manufacturing of LCD display 1. A piece of glass with a smooth surface and no impurities is the most important raw material for manufacturing TFT glass substrates. Before making, the gla...
10 Nov
The Methods of Judging LCD Quality

Nov 03-2021

With the construction of cities, the applications of LCD screens have become more and more extensive, and they have played an important role in promoting the development of industry. Many industries h...
03 Nov
What's important for LCD - viewingl Angle

Nov 02-2021

When choosing an LCD, we pay more attention to size, brightness, contrast, etc., but there is an equally important factor that is often overlooked: viewing Angle. What is visual Angle?What is visual A...
02 Nov
History of Display-What's CRT, LCD, and LED?

Nov 02-2021

Screens are already in every household, from televisions at home, billboards on the roadside to ordering machines in restaurants, we deal with screens all the time. So how did the display evolve? This...
02 Nov
Application of LCD Screen in Smart Home

Oct 22-2021

Smart home is based on a residential building, using integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to in...
22 Oct
Three Elements for Choosing a TFT LCD Display Manufacturer

Oct 15-2021

In recent years, the TFT LCD display industry has become more and more complex. Upstream panel manufacturers and chip manufacturers are all oligopoly, while TFT LCD display manufacturers are basically...
15 Oct
Methods to Improve Contrast of LCD Module

Oct 08-2021

Contrast is one of the main factors that affect the display effect of the liquid crystal module. The so-called contrast refers to the contrast between the bright area and the dark area in the display ...
08 Oct
TFT LCD Screen is Very Popular in the Medical Industry

Oct 01-2021

In order to choose the right TFT LCD screen for medical applications, engineers and decision makers need to fully understand how the specifications of the TFT LCD screen affect the final product. It i...
01 Oct
What Are the Types of LCD Screens and How Are They Classified?

Sep 22-2021

From a technical perspective, LCD screen types can be divided into two camps: VA soft screen and IPS hard screen.Ⅰ. What are the types of LCD screen?1.VA soft screenVA stands for Vertical alignment (...
22 Sep
What Are the Advantages of a 7 Inch LCD Screen?

Sep 15-2021

Now, there are more and more display-related products, and everyone's requirements for the display are getting higher and higher. Suzhou Proculus Technologies Co., Ltd. designs different products ...
15 Sep
What Types of Common LCD Modules Are There?

Sep 08-2021

The liquid crystal display module is the display part in the power terminal, instrumentation and so on. The digital display liquid crystal module can only display numbers and some identification symbo...
08 Sep
What Are the Characteristics of a 4.3 Inch LCD Module?

Sep 01-2021

The 4.3-inch LCD display module is an LCD display developed and designed by Proculus, using new technologies in the current display field. The 4.3-inch LCD screen display module has the following majo...
01 Sep
How to Clean the TFT Module

Aug 23-2021

After the TFT module is used for a period of time, dust is often absorbed on the TFT screen (it is more obvious from the side after the power is turned off), and various water stains are sometimes acc...
23 Aug
The Specific Introduction to the TFT Color Screen

Aug 16-2021

1. Introduction of TFT color screenTFT color screen, that is, thin film field effect transistor. It is a kind of active matrix liquid crystal display, mainly used in high-end products. TFT color scree...
16 Aug
Internal structure of LCD panel TFT

Aug 09-2021

The LCD panel is the heart of the LCD display, which accounts for more than 80% of the cost of the entire product. Its quality will directly affect the display's color, brightness, contrast, viewi...
09 Aug
Analysis of the Brightness, Signal Response Time, and Viewing Angle of the LCD Module

Aug 02-2021

1. The number of tubes in the LCD moduleLiquid crystal is a substance between solid and liquid. It cannot emit light by itself and requires additional light sources. Therefore, the number of lamps is ...
02 Aug
Proculus is about to launch a IP65 weatherproofed LCM for outdoor use

Jul 22-2021

IP (or "Ingress Protection") ratings are defined in international standard EN 60529 (British BS EN 60529:1992, European IEC 60509:1989). They are used to define levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies (tools, dirt etc) and moisture.
22 Jul
Things About 4G You Need To Know

Jul 22-2021

In 2021, mobile network communication technology has been popularized in all walks of life, but do you really know what 4G is? This article will help you understand the things about mobile communicati...
22 Jul
The Difference Between a TFT Screen and an IPS Screen

Jul 22-2021

TFT screen is generally referred to as "active panels" for most liquid crystal displays, and the core technology of "active panels" is thin film transistor, or TFT, which has led p...
22 Jul
Chip shortages have accelerated Proculus’s development plans for Allwinner A133 and Rockchip RK3399

Jul 17-2021

Gobal chips shortageOne of the biggest questions in the tech industry over the past few months has been about one of its smallest components: chips.Months into the shortage, the impact extends well be...
17 Jul
News--Advanced LCM Solution Based on RK3399

Jul 16-2021

What’s the improvement comparing with Rockchip RK3288?Up to 100% performance improvement compared with Cortex-A17More powerful display interface performanceRK3399 with 4 high performance HDMI2.0, DP1...
16 Jul
LCD demand is surging, Proculus supply is steady

Jul 16-2021

LCD panel prices have continued to rise since June 2020 and have now risen for 13 months, led by a strong end market. Especially, the price of small and medium size panels has doubled, which has broug...
16 Jul
The Advantages of TFT Display

Jul 15-2021

Whether outdoor or indoor, more and more TFT displays are now presented to us. The display screen is the most critical interface connecting humans and machines. It was originally based on picture tube...
15 Jul
How a Tft Display Works

Jul 08-2021

Ⅰ. What is the TFT displayThe TFT display is a thin-film liquid crystal display, but actually refers to a thin-film transistor, which can "actively" control each independent pixel on the sc...
08 Jul
The Design Process of TFT LCD Screen

Jul 01-2021

In the design of electronic products, the human-computer interaction display interface is an indispensable work. At present, TFT LCD screens have been widely used, so how is the TFT display screen com...
01 Jul
Main Matters About the Use of TFT LCD Screen

Jun 22-2021

Ⅰ. The type of LCD moduleThe liquid crystal display module (LCM) can be classified according to the processing technology, and can also be classified according to the type of display content. Accordi...
22 Jun
Advantages of TFT LCD Screen

Jun 15-2021

1. TFT LCD screen has become the mainstream material of electronic productsWith the current maturity of technology development, tft has quickly penetrated into our lives, and the development of TFT no...
15 Jun
Characteristics Analysis of 7-inch TFT Display Screen

Jun 08-2021

Ⅰ. Application fields of 7-inch TFT displayThe 7-inch TFT display is relatively small and medium-sized. This type of liquid crystal display is also used in more fields, including car GPS, digital pho...
08 Jun
Luminance and Visual Angle Analysis of Liquid Crystal Display Module

Jun 01-2021

1. The brightness of the LCD display moduleLiquid crystal is a substance between solid and liquid. It cannot emit light by itself and requires additional light sources. Therefore, the number of lamps ...
01 Jun
How to choose TFT LCD for POS display?

May 27-2021

What is POS?POS is a place where customers pay for goods or services. A typical POS system has one or two screens.POS systems are becoming more interactive. Heavy-duty touch-screen TFT LCD displays ar...
27 May
Precautions for the Use of LCD Module

May 27-2021

Ⅰ. What is the LCD module?LCD module refers to the LCD display product that integrates glass and LCD driver. It provides users with a standard LCD display driver interface (with 4 bits, 8 bits, VGA a...
27 May
Proculus Industrial Level LCD Module

May 21-2021

New PCB Design for better EMC PerformanceProculus redesign PCB board layout can greatly improve product performance, save costs, shorten development time, speed up the pace of products entering the ma...
21 May
Professional Medical Devices Display Solutions

May 20-2021

The medical environment is quite rightly rigorous and demanding, requiring display and embedded solutions that are accessible and safe to use. At Proculus, we have worked on thousands of medical desig...
20 May
How to Troubleshoot the Liquid Crystal Display Module when It is in Use?

May 20-2021

Liquid crystal display modules are used in many places and are widely used. But do you know that when a qualified liquid crystal display module is in use, it sometimes fails due to unreasonable use, u...
20 May
Display systems in a display enclosure_ a guaranteed clever solution

May 18-2021

Proculus Intelligent 7 Inch LCM with EnclosureDisplay enclosures protect the sensitive TFT and LCD displays against the hazards of harsh industrial environments, e.g. dust, splashing water, or mechani...
18 May
Analysis of Resolution and Contrast of LCD Module

May 13-2021

1. The resolution of the LCD moduleThe resolution of the liquid crystal display module is a very important performance index. It refers to the number of dots that can be displayed in the horizontal an...
13 May
TN vs IPS vs VA: Which LCD Monitor Meets Your Needs Better?

May 08-2021

Twisted Nematic (TN)It stands for twisted nematic phase and is the oldest technology in LCD technology. This refers to the twisted nematic effect, which allows liquid crystal molecules to be voltage-c...
08 May
Classification of LCD Modules

May 06-2021

1. Digital display LCD moduleThe digital display liquid crystal module is a functional component composed of a segmented liquid crystal display device and a dedicated integrated circuit, which can onl...
06 May
Why Do You Need a Sunlight Readable LCD for Outdoor Use?

Apr 06-2021

Sunlight-readable means the display can be viewed in high ambient light conditions. It is difficult to view a standard monitor in direct sunlight because the sunlight is much brighter than the display...
06 Apr
How to choose the right TFT LCD for an Air Purifier?

Jan 08-2021

Why an air purifier needs an LCD screen?Generally speaking, the shape of the air purifier is mainly composed of a casing shell, filter section, duct design, motor, power supply, and LCD screen.The sma...
08 Jan