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Types of Android LCD Module

Android LCD Module

Android LCM which is known as Android LCD screen, as the name suggests, it has
built-in customizable Android Operation System. Proculus LCMs come with high
RK series core processors, have not only excellent operational performance, but
also strong price competitiveness.

Proculus Android LCD Module is widely used in industrial, medical, and smart
home industries. Rich industry experience ensures that Proculus LCM Android
will greatly help you easily control your various devices and brings you excellent
human-computer interaction experience.

What is an Android Display?

Android Display is a type of smart display that connects to electronic equipment to respond to commands and access information.

In this case, the difference is in the Android platform's OS to offer even more interactivity and functionality from the creation of applications.

Developed with a high level of robustness and durability, the Android Display is ready to be integrated into almost any project.

Among the sectors that can benefit from the integration of this device are: Medical, Industrial, Agricultural, Veterinary and Laboratory.

Proculus Android Displays are more than a tablet!

With our Android Displays, you can access a variety of peripherals and types of communication that are not present on common devices.

The similarity with tablets, in this case, is only in the modern design and ease of creating and installing applications.

In addition, all our displays are designed and tested with a focus on durability and robustness, enabling use in harsh environments.

All-in-one Solution with APPs

Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, HDMI and more
Android LCD Module

Android LCD Module Breakdown Structure

Android LCD Module Breakdown Structure
  • Good quality PCB board and immersion gold craft ensuring the ability of EMC and antioxidation.
  • Premium electronic components Guarantee the stable performance
  • Original LCD and touch screen providing stable pixel displaying and excellent touch feedback

Using an Android LCD Display is very simple!

.Build your app wherever you want

You can create your Android App freely, in the IDE and language of your choice.

Whether in Java, Kotlin or C#, Android Studio or Visual Studio, or any other suitable

platform for mobile application development, the choice is yours!

.Install the app on Display

Installing the app is quick and simple! You can copy the package (APK) via USB stick or SD card

and use the Android native installer, or connect the Display to the computer via USB cable via

ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and install with 1 click (or a command in the terminal). And even

better, if you use the cable, you can debug your apps live in Android Studio or Visual Studio!

.All set, now just connect!

Your app is already installed and running, now just turn on Display and impress your customers!

Your device can now connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable, or to other devices via

Bluetooth. It can also communicate with other equipment or peripherals via USB, Serial UART

or /2C. All very simple and integrated in a single module.

Types of Android LCD Module

5.0-18.5 inch Andorid LCD Module suitable for a variety of scenarios.
  • Consuming-Level Android Tablet CPU: 1.2GHz Android 5.1
  • High Performance Android Tablet CPU: 1.6GHz Android 5.1
  • Premium Android Tablet CPU: 1.8GHz Android 8.1

Design House of Open
Android Platform

Develop From the Underlying Hardware
  • 1
    Application program
    Develop the application program
  • 2
    Framework of Application Program
    Activity Manager / Windows Manager / Content Providers View System / Package Manager / Resource Manager
  • 3
    Function Library
    Surface Manager / Media Framework / Free Type/SGL / SSL / libc
  • 4
    Linux Core
    Security Mechanism / Memory Management / process Management / Network Protocol Stack / Power Management / Wi-fi Driver / Display Driver
  • 5
    Underlying Hardware
    Power / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / USB / SD / Display
Advantages of Android LCD Module

Advantages of Android LCD Module

  • High Performance
    High Performance

    1.3Ghz-1.8Ghz Quad-Core Processor

    Rockchip Solution

    1GB DDR3,8GB eMMC Flash

    Support Android 5.1/7.1, Linux and Ubutu

  • High Expandability
    High Expandability

    UARTx3, USB x3

    I/O Customizations in Project

    Optional Bluetooth and 4G Modules

  • High Stability
    High Stability

    Lead Time 2-4 Weeks

    Meet up Specific Industry Requirement

    IS09001, CE. RoHs. SGS, Certified High-Tech Company

  • High Reliability
    High Reliability

    Manufactured by Components in Industrial-level

    Up to 72-hour Aging Test before Delivery

Specification of Android LCD Module

Consuming GradeIndustrial GradeProfessional Grade

Core Chip:RK3128RK3188RK3288

Quad-core 1.3G HzQuad-core 1.6G HzQuad-core 1.8G Hz
Available OS:Android 5.1
Ubuntu 13.09 (only for 7'')
Android 5.1Android 5.1/7.1/8.1
Touch Screen:Capacitive 10-point Multi-touch
Network:RJ45 with Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
Support 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi wireless network
RJ45 with Ethernet 1000 Mbps
Support 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi wireless network
4G LTE Module/GPS. (Optional, except 5'')
Interface:Serial Port*2 (1*RS232/TTL, 1*RS485/RS232/TTL)
User Interface 1 (standard serial communication protocol. 8Pin_2.0mm)
Serial Port*3 (2*RS232/TTL, 1*RS485/RS232/TTL)
User Interface 1 (standard serial communication protocol. 8Pin_2.0mm)
Serial Port*4 (3*RS232/TTL, 1*RS485/RS232/TTL)
User Interface 1 (standard serial communication protocol. 8Pin_2.0mm)

Microphone、Audio input interface、Loudspeaker、 2-channel、4Ω/3W loudspeaker、
HDMI、 HDMI output interface (Optional)、IIC、 Optional、TF card、GPIO
Other Available Size:5''/7''/8''/10.1''/15''/18.5''7''/8''/10.1''/15''/18.5''

FAQ of Android LCD Module

  • What kind of software assistance do you have for Android development?
    What kind of software assistance do you have for Android development?

    Completed SDK of Android is available to customers for Android O.S. customizations including Android 5.1/7.1/ 8.1 and Linux. The underlying system is fully offered without charge.

  • Can you develop the APP for us?
    Can you develop the APP for us?

    Yes, we also provide a dedicated app development service. For more details, please contact our sales representative.

  • How about the expandability?
    How about the expandability?

    UART*3, USB*3

    I/O customizations in Project

    Optional Bluetooth and 4G Modules

  • Does your Android LCM support face recognition?
    Does your Android LCM support face recognition?

    Yes, our facial recognition terminal LCD Module is coming soon. For more details, please contact our sales representative.

  • Can I customize Android LCD display size?
    Can I customize Android LCD display size?

    The answer is yes. Proculus accepts custom orders that you just need to tell us your detailed requirement first. After receiving your quote, we will reply within 2 working days at the latest

  • How to test an android LCD screen?
    How to test an android LCD screen?

    We are committed to promoting Android screens and hope that more and more engineers can experience and test the Android LCD module by themself, and it will be found that Android LCDs can greatly optimize devices' human-computer interaction experience.

    If you haven't used Android screen or similar products before. We recommend that you first read our product specifications and development manual. Our sales team will recommend relevant models to you according to your needs. After you purchase samples, relevant development cases and SDK will be shared with you. This will help you develop your own functionality.

    You can learn what functions our screen can support from our specifications. Usually, our modules support Android 5.1 or higher systems, and Proculus is able to provide clients with customized operation systems, such as modifying boot animation or customizing boot software. In addition, various interfaces are reserved on our PCB board, such as serial ports supporting RS232 and RS485, IIC, HDMI, and GPIO. If you need audio and video, we also reserve interfaces for microphones and speakers.

    On this basis, if you find that you still cannot meet your development needs, you are welcome to put forward specific needs to our sales personnel, and we will provide specific customized development services according to your project needs.

  • Can I customize a LCD?
    Can I customize a LCD?

    Proculus Tech can help clients customize LCD Modules according to industries requirements.

    If you need customized service, please let us know:

    1. What is your EAU?

    If you don't have a mass production plan yet, we will try our best to find a standard product that is suitable for your application. Custom service often means re-design and new mold creation, which might not be economic for your project. But we will provide custom service if you're sure to take the development cost.

    We’re glad to see our partners to be price competitive in the market. Proculus is going to refund development cost when the project goes into mass production and place order more than 500 units.

    2. Hardware Configuration?

    Please check the standard product specifications first and let us know what changes you want:

    a. Amount/type of interfaces

    b. PCB layout

    c. The PCB size

    d. LCD brightness

    e. Touch screen size/type

    f. Other external devices

    3. Do you need us to develop software?

    We can help you develop Android apps to implement the functions you need. Please describe your needs in detail to our sales team, we will assess the development time and cost accordingly.

    If you have more questions, please send us an email to:

  • Why Choose Android LCD Module?
    Why Choose Android LCD Module?

    When people talk about human-computer interaction, Android module often plays a very important role.

    At present, the mainstream interaction mode can be divided into Android and Windows according to system type, and can be divided into tablet integrated mode and chassis mode according to form. 

    So what are the advantages of industrial Android tablet modules?

    1. Android module is small in volume, easy to install and maintain.

    2. touch function can simplify the work, more convenient and fast, more humanized.

    3. It integrates main board, LCD and touch screen into one module, has good stability.

    4. It doesn't need fan for heat dissipation, so that has a smarter volume than industrial computer. The use of aluminum block heat dissipation in the shell making lower power comsumption and low noise a reality.

    5. In addition, Android is widely used and has a good development foundation.

    Proculus Tech has common advantages in Android industrial tablets, and has been widely used in industrial, medical, chemical, smart-home, manufacturing and other work areas by users. Today, Proculus smart industrial tablets are widely known in business. Coupled with the growing need for smart shopping malls, Android industrial tablets can be better connected to mobile terminals, and its advantages will gradually emerge. This will also bring great convenience and practicality for the intelligent management of the industrial site.

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