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Constituents and Principles of High-brightness LCD Screen Display

What is the structure of a high-brightness LCD screen? In terms of basic structure, high-brightness LCD screens belong to flat panel display devices, with a flat shape. The typical structure of a high-brightness LCD screen includes several major components such as front and rear polarizers, front and rear conductive glass plates, sealing edges, and liquid crystals. Of course, different types of high-brightness LCD screen modules may have different components, so it still depends on the situation, but all high-brightness LCD screens can be considered as a flat box composed of two substrates with transparent conductive electrodes, clamped with a liquid crystal layer and sealed. Sometimes, polarizers and other components may be attached to the outer surface. Let's talk about the basic knowledge of LCD screen composition in detail below.

Composition of high-brightness LCD screen modules

1. Liquid crystal material is the main body of high-brightness LCD screen

Different devices use different liquid crystal materials, and most liquid crystal materials are made up of several or even dozens of monomer liquid crystal materials. Each kind of liquid crystal material has its own fixed clear point and crystallization point. Therefore, each high-brightness LCD screen must be used and stored within a certain temperature range. If the temperature used or stored is too low, the crystallization will destroy the oriented layer of the high-brightness LCD screen. If the temperature is too high, the liquid crystal will lose its liquid crystal state and lose the function of the LCD panel module display device.

2. Glass substrate, which is a very smooth thin glass plate produced by float process

The surface is coated with a layer of ln203 and SiO2 transparent conductive layer, that is, the film layer. The transparent conductive pattern is made by photolithography, which consists of pixel graphics and external lead graphics. Therefore, traditional tin soldering cannot be performed on the external lead, and only connections can be made through conductive rubber strips or conductive tape. If scratched, cut, or corroded, the device will be scrapped.

3. Polarizing film, also known as polarizer, made of plastic film material

Coated with a layer of optical pressure-sensitive adhesive, it can be attached to the surface of the liquid crystal box. The front polarizing film surface also has a protective film, which should be peeled off when used. The polarizing film is afraid of high temperature and humidity, which can make it depolarized or blistered under high temperature and humidity conditions.

Wholesale TFT LCD module buyers must consider all of these factors when selecting a high-brightness LCD screen module, to ensure that it is suitable for their applications, and meets or exceeds the performance requirements. A reputable supplier can advise on the best high-brightness module to accommodate diverse customer requirements and industry-specific applications.

Display principle of high-brightness LCD screen modules

The display principle of high-brightness LCD screen modules, such as the 10.1 HD TFT LCD color monitor, is based on a combination of advanced technologies. The liquid crystal is oriented on two glass substrates with orientation films, so the liquid crystal is oriented along the grooves, and the liquid crystal rod-shaped molecules with dipole moments change their arrangement under the action of an external electric field, so that the light passing through the liquid crystal screen module display device is modulated, thereby displaying the effect of light and dark or transmission and non-transmission. Each display pixel in a high-brightness LCD screen can be individually controlled by an electric field, and different display pixels can be arranged on the display screen to form different characters, numbers, and graphics according to the control signal. Therefore, establishing the required electric field for display and arranging the control of display pixels become the functions of the LCD display driver and LCD display controller.

The above is an explanation of the composition of high-brightness LCD screens, and also popularizes the display principle of high-brightness LCD screens. If you need to purchase high-brightness LCD screens, you can contact Suzhou Proculus Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. for information.

Constituents and Principles of High-brightness LCD Screen Display