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7 inch LCM with 4G module NOW AVAILABLE!


Rockchip 3288 Quad-core drive platform


Why we make it?

Called the Internet of Things, it's seeping into some massive consumer industries. All sorts of everyday objects will have tiny chips placed inside them and gain the ability to process information and talk to the Web.  And a wireless solution offers the following advantages when compared to a traditional wired solution.

1.  Wider Reach of the Network: The wireless network can be extended to places that are not accessible for wires and cables.

2. More Flexibility: Should your network change in the future, you can easily update the wireless network to meet new configurations.

3. Increased Scalability: Wireless systems can be specifically configured to meet the needs of specific applications. These can be easily changed and scaled depending on your needs.

Application Scenarios



Proculus Technologies provides a complete and ever-improving solution for Intelligent Displays that makes GUI development simple, cost-effective, and fast. We have it all:

- High-quality and reliable Hardware.
- Intuitive and frequently updated Software.
- Simple and easy-to-learn Communication Protocol.
- Short Lead-Time.
- Well-trained Support Team.
- Cost-effective complete GUI Solution.

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