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Can the Quality of TFT Color LCD Screens Be Judged from Their Colors?

More and more industrial equipment are using LCD screens to realize intelligence as they enter the 5.0 industry with the development of the times. However, the LCD screens used in the industrial industry are different from other LCD screens, and their requirements are higher and standards are more stringent. In industrial equipment, the TFT color screen also plays an important role. Generally speaking, the cost of industrial equipment is relatively high, and once there are problems that require maintenance or repair, the costs are also high. If the industrial equipment cannot work due to problems with the TFT color LCD display, there will be great losses. Therefore, the TFT color LCD display used in industrial equipment is required to have a long life and durability. Many TFT color LCD displays have a long production time and require year-round supply, and they are also prone to stop production. Therefore, the life expectancy of TFT color LCD displays used in the industry is generally 5-10 years, and some may even exceed 10 years. Can the quality of TFT color LCD screens be judged by color?

Gray TFT color LCD screen

TFT LCD color monitor displays a gray screen, gray or bottom gray gradient bar, and there is no water ripple phenomenon when moving the visual angle up and down, then it is normal; on the contrary, if there is a horizontal ripple phenomenon when observing it still or moving the visual angle up and down, then it is not good. The flickering phenomenon (commonly known as water ripples or raise lines) is related to the principle of TFT LCD screen driving. When observing the moving visual angle, the water ripples should be within an acceptable range. The bottom menu bar of the UI interface is usually designed as a gradient color to make the display more vivid. Pay attention to whether the display effect is acceptable.

Black TFT color LCD screen

When the TFT color LCD screen displays pure black, it should be jet-black or deep black. In this case, it is a good screen. If the black is light black or grayish, it is not deep enough and the display effect is general. Pay attention to whether there are white spots or bright spots on the black screen.

Multi-color combination TFT color LCD screen

Generally, red, green, blue, white, and gray are displayed together. If the colors are full, bright, without color deviation or whitening, then the TFT color LCD screen is good. Pay special attention to the order of color bars, which should be red, green, blue, and white, and whether the displayed color sequence is correct and whether there is any missing color.

Judging by color is more intuitive and does not require subjective judgment by blindly eyeballing. When we find that the color is not realistic or the above-mentioned situations occur, we should first exclude the possibility of driver program errors. If driver programs are excluded, then it is the display screen's own level. You can get samples from multiple TFT color LCD screen manufacturers for comparison.

Can the Quality of TFT Color LCD Screens Be Judged from Their Colors?