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How to Increase the Brightness of TFT LCD Screen from Normal to High?

TFT LCD screens are often present in our daily lives and work, and increasingly more smart terminals are changing our lives and work. And smart terminals cannot do without TFT LCD screens. For manufacturers of smart terminals, the price of TFT LCD screens is one of their most concerned topics.

With the continuous development of display technology, the types of display screens are becoming more and more diversified to meet different industries' demands for different display products. Among them, TFT LCD screens have high resolution, low power consumption, high stability, low cost, high yield, and other characteristics, which are loved by industry terminal customers. Someone may ask, what can be done if the TFT LCD screen is not bright enough?

Increase the backlight brightness of the TFT LCD screen

TFT LCD screens do not emit light by themselves but rely on backlight. When the TFT LCD screen is not bright enough, the first thing to consider is to increase the backlight brightness. The backlight brightness depends on the number of LED lamps, the more lamps, the higher the brightness. However, it also depends on the structure of Chinese LCD displays and power consumption, so it requires electronic engineers to design it. The brightness of ordinary TFT LCD screens is generally between 200-400, while the brightness of high-brightness TFT LCD screen can reach around 500-1500.

Increase the brightness-enhancing film material of the TFT LCD screen

Another way is to increase the brightness-enhancing film material. The brightness-enhancing film material, also known as a prism film or a light-enhancing film, is composed of three layers: the lower light entering surface needs to provide a certain degree of haze through the back coating, the middle layer is a transparent PET substrate layer, and the upper light emitting surface is a micro-prism structure. The most critical technology of Chinese TFT LCD brightness-enhancing film is to carve diamond-shaped patterns on the cylinder. The current mainstream process for preparing brightness-enhancing films is the molding process of UV glue on the processed mold roller. Increasing the brightness-enhancing film can also increase the brightness, but there is a limit to the brightness enhancement.

If the TFT LCD screen is not bright enough, it is necessary to find a reliable TFT LCD screen manufacturer for processing, and a reasonable design is needed. Otherwise, even if the TFT LCD screen's brightness is adjusted higher, it will affect the operation of the display screen, ultimately leading to a reduction of the TFT LCD screen's working life. There are many factors that affect the price of Chinese LCD displays, including the number of TFT LCD screen orders, shortages of different materials, and other factors will directly affect the price of TFT LCD screens.

How to Increase the Brightness of TFT LCD Screen from Normal to High?