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UnicView AD V13.1.1 Just Released


Great news! We just released UnicView AD V13.1.1. Now projects are a single file, easy to move around, and storable on cloud services and version control!

New Features

  • New project format! The project is no longer a bunch of files and folders, it is now a single file.

This single file is much easier to store and move around. Aaaand... Project corruption is finally fixed! Now you can safely store your projects on cloud storage (DropBox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, etc.), and also place it under version control (GIT, Mercurial, SVN, etc.).

When you open an old project, UnicView will ask you to update it. It will create a new project on the new file version, but will keep the old version intact, just for safety reasons.

  • Open project detection added, to avoid opening the same project more than once.

  • Splash screen added, to immediately show UnicView AD is being started.

  • "Save As..." menu button added.

  • New UnicView AD logo! This is to differentiate the old projects from new single-file projects.


  • Automatic project backup enabled (and it's not optional anymore).

  • Faster background image compilation for Family J projects.

  • Default value for "Transparency" Properties set to "Opaque".

  •  Better error and debug logs.


  • A compatibility bug found on Windows 7, which prevented UnicView AD from starting, was fixed.

  • A few problems that caused application instability fixed.

In order to help us review and continuously improve UnicView AD, we would love to hear your feedback about your GUI designing experience with UnicView AD V13.1.1.

UnicView AD V13.1.1 Just Released