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What Are the High Demands for 7 inch High-brightness LCD Screens Used Outdoors?

7.0-inch display screens are very vibrant in both display effect and brightness, as well as color. Moreover, there are various types of 7.0-inch display screens available for different industries with different parameters. They are sensitive to touch and have a long lifespan, making them easy to use under a wide temperature range of -20 to 70 degrees Celsius. As the 7in LCD screen is becoming more widely used, its application scenarios are gradually becoming more diverse: industrial environments, indoor environments, outdoor environments, etc. Today, we will discuss the requirements for using a 7-inch high-brightness LCD screen outdoors.

As we all know, outdoor environments are relatively harsh. High temperatures, low temperatures, wind, and sunshine all pose high requirements for a 7-inch high-brightness LCD screen. Therefore, ordinary screens cannot meet these requirements. Let's take a look at the requirements for using a 7-inch high-brightness LCD screen outdoors.

Outdoor 7 inch HD monitors require high brightness

The brightness of this 7-inch TFT module is generally higher than that of ordinary screens. Traditional light sources use CCFLs, while high-brightness 7-inch high-definition displays outdoors use LED lights. This not only significantly improves the brightness contrast and color effects but also enhances the lifespan. Materials are carefully selected to achieve the desired level of brightness.

Outdoor 7 inch HD monitors have a wide temperature range

The temperature difference in outdoor environments where 7 inch HD monitors are used is often significant. According to different regions, the characteristics of the environment are also quite different. Some places may have hot and sunny weather, while others may be freezing. Therefore, outdoor 7-inch high-brightness LCD screens must have wide-temperature characteristics. Special attention is paid during their design to ensure that they work reliably in high- and low-temperature environments, otherwise, they may experience malfunctions.

Outdoor 7 inch HD monitors have strong dustproof and waterproof capabilities

In addition to extreme weather, outdoor environments also feature dust and water. As we all know, any 7-inch high-brightness LCD screen provided by an LCD manufacturer is susceptible to damage from water and dust, but outdoor 7 inch HD monitors especially require strong water and dust proofing. Generally, the design of the whole machine takes into account such features. However, attention must also be paid to material selection to prevent water and dust from entering the screen.

Outdoor 7-inch high-brightness LCD screens have higher requirements and are relatively more expensive compared to ordinary screens, mainly because of the different materials used. With a moderate size, the 7.0-inch display screen is very suitable for both operation and visual viewing, bringing people a comfortable experience. Therefore, the 7.0-inch display screen is widely used in intelligent homes, medical, automotive, building intercom, and industrial automation industries. It is an indispensable display device in these industries.

What Are the High Demands for 7 inch High-brightness LCD Screens Used Outdoors?