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Which Industries Widely Use Industrial-grade LCD Display Screens?

With the arrival of the Industry 5.0 era, more and more products are using industrial-grade LCD screens. The application of industrial-grade LCD screens is becoming more and more widespread. Do you know which industries mainly use industrial-grade LCD liquid crystal display modules? Today we will take a look at the main industries where industrial-grade LCD modules are used.

Industrial automation with LCD modules

In the past, industrial equipment required complicated buttons for mechanical operation, resulting in low efficiency and semi-automatic equipment.

In the 5.0 era of industrial automation, industrial-grade LCD liquid crystal display modules are used to achieve full automatic operation. All machines run just by the operator tapping their fingers on the interface, greatly improving efficiency, accuracy, and reducing labor. Even when workers wear gloves, the operation is still accurate. Therefore, industrial-grade LCD screens are widely used in industrial automation products.

Medical equipment with LCD modules

Medical equipment and industry have many similarities. Displays with high contrast, clarity, anti-static interference, alcohol resistance, and glove touch are the basic needs of medical equipment. Therefore, industrial-grade LCD displays are also widely used in medical equipment, including surgical equipment, as well as handheld devices for medical staff.

Generally, medical LCD display modules pay more attention to contrast, clarity, brightness, anti-static interference, alcohol resistance, glove touch, and other properties. The selection process is more stringent to meet the needs of the medical industry, designing industrial-grade LCD displays that meet medical industry standards in the end.

Smart home industry with LCD modules

The smart home industry has the most applications of TFT-LCD screens. Smart homes are products that everyone needs, so there is a large demand for them in terms of quantity. TFT-LCD screens are low-cost, high-rate-of-production, and have a high pass rate, which meets the needs of the smart home industry. Therefore, TFT-LCD screens have become a good choice for the smart home industry.

In summary, TFT LCD modules provided by TFT LCD module manufacturers can be used in various industries. There are always suitable specifications available due to the numerous options available. Purchasers must choose the appropriate TFT-LCD screen based on their industry's characteristics. Additionally, choosing a TFT-LCD screen manufacturer is also crucial.

Industrial screens are usually used in automatic control equipment, industrial sites, mines, oil fields, testing equipment, etc. Most of the modules used in industrial integrated workstations range from 5.7 inches to 19 inches. An LCD screen with a brightness above 300 is usually requested. A 4:3 thick LCD screen, industrial LCD screen, or desktop LCD screen is a better choice.

Which Industries Widely Use Industrial-grade LCD Display Screens?