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Characteristics Analysis of 7-inch TFT Display Screen

Ⅰ. Application Fields of 7 inch TFT LCD Module 

The 7 inch TFT module is relatively small and medium-sized. This type of liquid crystal display is also used in more fields, including car GPS, digital photo frame, visual building intercom, security monitoring system, advertising display, medical equipment, and industrial control. There are also iPads that we often use. These 7 inch TFT displays are used more frequently. What are the technical characteristics of the best 7 inch TFT LCD Display?

Ⅱ. Features of 7 inch TFT LCD

1. This kind of TFT display screen produced by our TFT lcd module company has good brightness, high contrast, strong layering, and bright colors, but tft display 7 inch also has the disadvantages of relatively power consumption and high cost. TFT liquid crystal technology has accelerated the development of color screens. At this time, the advantages of TFT's high contrast and rich colors are very important.

2. The wholesale 7 inch tft LCD screen is diverse in variety, convenient and flexible to use, easy to maintain, update, and have a long service life, thus whey are well favaoured by consumers.

3. The 7.0 inch tft lcd display has a wide application range, and it can be used normally from -20℃ to +70℃. The temperature-reinforced TFT display can reach minus 80℃ in low temperature.

Characteristics Analysis of 7-inch TFT Display Screen