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Chip shortages have accelerated Proculus’s development plans for Allwinner A133 and Rockchip RK3399

Gobal chips shortage

One of the biggest questions in the tech industry over the past few months has been about one of its smallest components: chips.

Months into the shortage, the impact extends well beyond the difficulty of buying an Xbox Series X or PS5. Car companies have been hardest hit, and even home appliances could start to suffer supply problems. Same as the LCD Module industry. What’s worse, the global shortage of chips has roiled global manufacturing and is not expected to end soon.


Proculus will launch two advanced LCM solution based on new chips

In order to meet the market demand, abundant consumer choice, in addition to Rockchip RK3128, RK3188 and RK3288, Proculus have developed new products based on Rockchip RK3399 and Allwinner A133 which will be released soon.

Introducing Rockchip RK3399


RK3399 with high-performance HDMI2.0, DP1.2 ( DisplayPort ), MIPI-DSI, EDP display interface, in addition, it can realize dual-screen display, for VR class smart device and some high-end display area are with distinct advantages.


It adopted a delicate integration design it can be applied to many innovative products. It's not the only top performance and abundant expansion interface but also a powerful assistor for technology products. It will empower AI and assist the layout of industry products.

Introducing Allwinner A133


●CPU:Quad-core ARM CortexTM-A53@1.6GHz

● RAM: 4GB

●GPU:IMG PowerVR GE8300

●TF Card/USB

●HDMI 2.0


●Wi-Fi Module/4G/Bluetooth

As one of the LCD display products, A133 is a highly-integrated application processor designed for mainstream tablet applications.

It integrates quad-core 64-bit CortexTM-A53 CPU and Imagination PowerVR GE8300 GPU to ensure response rapidity and running smoothness for daily application, such as on-line video, web browsing, 3D game, etc.

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Chip shortages have accelerated Proculus’s development plans for Allwinner A133 and Rockchip RK3399