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News--Advanced LCM Solution Based on RK3399


What’s the improvement comparing with Rockchip RK3288?


Up to 100% performance improvement compared with Cortex-A17


More powerful display interface performance

RK3399 with 4 high performance HDMI2.0, DP1.2 ( DisplayPort ), MIPI-DSI, EDP display interface, in addition it can realize dual screen display, for VR class smart device and some high-end display area are with distinct advantages.

Abundant external interface

RK3399 besides of HDM2.0, MP-DSI, PCle, DP 1.2. eDP, USB3.0 tcinterface , also reserve 42 row Pin header 8 channels 25, ADC, 12C, SP/UART, GPIO, LINEOUT, SPEAKER


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