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Five Advantages of LCD Display Module

Do you know lcd display advantages ? The appearance of the LCD liquid crystal display can be traced back a long time ago. At the end of the 19th century, Austrian botanists discovered liquid crystals. Subsequently, British scientists used the electro-optical effect of liquid crystals to create the first LCD liquid crystal display. Nowadays, LCD screens are used in video surveillance (security) for more than 50%, and they are widely used in public services, transportation, energy resources, finance, and other industries. The following Proculus will introduce you to the five advantages of the LCD display module.

Ⅰ. LCD display module: no radialization, low power, and low heat dissipation

LCD Display includes lcd android and uart lcd display. The display principle of the lcd monitor module is to realize the restoration of the picture by twisting the deflection angle of the liquid crystal molecules in the liquid crystal pixel. The LCD liquid crystal display does not have internal ultra-high voltage components like CRT, so there will be no X-ray excess due to high pressure. Moreover, the structure and circuit of the machine screen are simple. Modularization and high integration of the chip are sufficient to minimize the electromagnetic radiation generated when the circuit is working. This design directly reduces the power consumption and heat generation of the circuit. Although the liquid crystal display module may produce slight electromagnetic radiation when it is working, this problem can be solved by shielding the circuit. As the CRT display screen considers heat dissipation, it is not allowed to drill holes in the shielding cover to cause radiation leakage.

Ⅱ. The LCD display module is slim and light

It is the appearance of the liquid crystal display module that made the invention of the portable computer possible. Similarly, although desktop LCD screens are larger in size and weight than laptop computers, they are insignificant compared to bulky and heavy CRT screens. Compared with a 15-inch display screen, the depth of a CRT display screen is generally close to 50 cm. With the changes in consumer opinions and living environment, people have higher and higher requirements for the volume and weight of household electric screen products. The LCD display module has become the most likely display device to break the monopoly of CRT display due to its inherent advantages of slimness and lightness.

Ⅲ. The LCD display module accurately restores the image

The LCD display module adopts the direct digital addressing display mode. It can directly correspond to the video signal on the screen one by one according to the address signal in the signal level after AD conversion of the video signal output by the graphics card. Displayed on the liquid crystal pixels. The CRT display screen relies on the electromagnetic field generated by the deflection coil to control the periodic scanning of the electron beam on the screen to achieve the purpose of displaying images. Since the trajectory of the electron beam is easily affected by the environmental magnetic field or geomagnetism, it is impossible to perform absolute positioning on the screen. So you know that CRT display screens are prone to geometric distortion, linear distortion, and other problems that cannot be completely solved. The LCD screen can perfectly present the picture on the screen without any geometric distortion or linear distortion.

Ⅳ. The LCD display module displays sharp characters

The picture is stable without flickering. The unique display principle of the liquid crystal display determines that each pixel on the screen emits uniformly, and the red, green, and blue pixels are closely arranged. The video signal is directly sent to the back of the pixel to drive the pixel to emit light, so there will be no inherent characteristics of the traditional CRT display. Convergence and poor focus. Therefore, the text display effect on the LCD screen is quite different from the traditional CRT screen. The font of the LCD screen is very sharp, and there is no such phenomenon as the blurring of the font and the font color when the CRT screen displays the text. Moreover, since the LCD display module always emits light after power-on, the backlight works at high frequency, and the display screen is stable without flickering, which is beneficial to use the computer for a long time. The CRT display screen relies on the electron beam to repeatedly hit the phosphor to achieve light, which will cause the brightness to flicker periodically. It is easy to cause eye discomfort after prolonged use.

Ⅴ. It's convenient to adjust the screen's brightness of the LCD display module

The direct addressing display mode of the LCD screen makes the screen adjustment of the LCD screen easier. There is no need for too much geometric adjustment, linear adjustment, and position adjustment of the display content. The LCD screen can automatically adjust the screen to the best position after the chip calculation is very convenient. You only need to press the "AUTO" button to complete this step. The cumbersome adjustment of the CRT display screen is eliminated. You only need to manually adjust the brightness and contrast of the screen to make the screen work in the best condition.

Five Advantages of LCD Display Module