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How to Prevent Static Electricity on LCD Screens?

Everyone knows that our human body generates static electricity, and sometimes generates high-voltage static electricity as high as tens of volts or hundreds of volts. LCD liquid crystal display products should be extremely careful in operation, assembly, and use, and it is necessary to prevent static electricity. So how does the LCD screen prevent static electricity? As a professional LCD supplier, Suzhou Proculus Technologies Co., Ltd. will introduce the methods for preventing static electricity on the LCD screen to you.

1. Do not touch the outer leads, the circuit on the circuit board, and the metal frame with your hands.

2. If direct contact is necessary, the human body and the module should be kept at the same potential, or the human body should be well-grounded.

3. The soldering iron used for welding and the power tools used for operation must be well-grounded and there is no leakage.

4. Do not use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning, because it will generate strong static electricity.

5. Dry air will also generate static electricity. Therefore, the humidity in the working room should be above RH60%.

6. When taking out or putting it back into the packaging bag or moving the position, also need to be careful to prevent static electricity. Do not change the packaging or discard the original packaging at will.

The above content is an introduction to how to prevent static electricity in the LCD display such as in the 4.3 inch LCD display. The control and drive circuit in the LCD display module is a low-voltage, low-power CMOS circuit, which is very easy to be broken down by static electricity, and static breakdown is an irreparable type. The human body sometimes generates high-voltage static electricity up to tens of volts or hundreds of volts. Therefore, when you operate, install and use LCD display products, it is necessary to be careful to prevent static electricity.

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How to Prevent Static Electricity on LCD Screens?