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Internal structure of LCD panel TFT

The LCD panel is the heart of the LCD display, which accounts for more than 80% of the cost of the entire product. Its quality will directly affect the display's color, brightness, contrast, viewing angle and other functional parameters and display effects. 

As we all know, the LCD panel industry is growing stronger and stronger in the market.

However, what is the internal structure of the LCD panel TFT? Here are some relevant knowledge shared by Proculus.

1. The working principle of LCD panel TFT

First of all, let's first understand the working principle of the display. Simply put, the imaging principle of the display is that by applying a voltage to stimulate the deflection of liquid crystal molecules to produce images of dots, lines, and surfaces, the liquid crystal molecules block the light transmission rate of the LED backlight source like a gate. Then the light is projected on the color filters of different colors to form an image.

2. Components of LCD panel TFT

A liquid crystal panel is usually composed of a liquid crystal molecular layer, a filter film, and a backlight. The structure under the liquid crystal molecule layer and between the metal back plate is mainly a reflective plate, a refraction plate, and a three-layer filter film.

The function of the reflector is to reflect the light back and reduce the loss of light. The function of the refraction plate is to reflect and refract the light inside it and distribute it evenly in the entire screen. The role of the filter film of the LCD panel TFT is to remove light of a certain wavelength, and the three-layer filter film has its own role.

In the LED backlight, in addition to the light source, it is equipped with a transparent filter layer and a white reflector. Among them, there are many particle-like things on the filter layer, the purpose of which is to make the backlight more uniform through refraction and reflection. The reflector can increase the brightness of the LED backlight.

The LED backlight is matched with a reflector, a refraction plate and a filter film, and the light source can be more evenly distributed in the entire screen. At present, there are very few strip-shaped LED backlights that can distribute the light evenly across the entire screen. Therefore, many high-end displays or professional-level LCD panel china use dot-matrix LED backlight design.

Internal structure of LCD panel TFT