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The Specific Introduction to the TFT Color Screen

1. Introduction of TFT color screen

TFT color screen, that is, thin film field effect transistor. It is a kind of active matrix liquid crystal display, mainly used in high-end products. 

TFT color screen can actively control each independent pixel on the screen, which can greatly improve the response time. Generally, the response time of a TFT color screen is relatively fast, about 80 milliseconds. Moreover, its viewing angle is large, generally up to 130 degrees, which is mainly used in high-end products. The so-called thin film field effect transistor means that each liquid crystal pixel on the liquid crystal display is driven by the thin film transistor integrated thereafter. This can display screen information at high speed, high brightness, and high contrast.

2. The basic principle of TFT color screen

The display screen is composed of many pixels that can emit light of any color. As long as each pixel is controlled to display the corresponding color, the goal can be achieved. Backlight technology is generally used in TFT and LCD. In order to accurately control the color and brightness of each TFT color screen pixel, it is necessary to install a shutter-like switch after each pixel. When the shutter is opened, light can pass through. When the shutters are closed, light cannot pass through.

The Specific Introduction to the TFT Color Screen