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Main Matters About the Use of TFT LCD Screen

Ⅰ. The Type of LCD Module

The liquid crystal display module (LCM) can be classified according to the processing technology, and can also be classified according to the type of display content. According to the processing technology, it is divided into: COB, COG, TAB, COF modules; according to the type of display content, it is divided into: graphic type, character type, and segment code type.

Ⅱ. What Should Be Noted when Using TFT LCD Screen

1. When the user receives the product acceptance, if our product package is found to be obviously damaged or with other quality problems, please keep it as it is and contact our TFT LCD display manufacturer in time;

2. When the TFT LCD screen is transported, stored, and used, the product must be controlled within the allowable temperature range, and the humidity must be maintained at 40% to 60%, and the storage environment must be dust-free;

3. When the liquid crystal display is used, it is not allowed to apply DC voltage, and the maximum DC voltage cannot exceed 50mV. When soldering the TFT LCD screen, pay attention to only soldering the I/O interface, and the soldering iron temperature is not higher than 260℃, and the soldering time does not exceed 3 to 4 seconds, and the PCB board should be cleaned after soldering;

Main Matters About the Use of TFT LCD Screen