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The Design Process of TFT LCD Screen

In the design of electronic products, the human-computer interaction display interface is an indispensable work. At present, TFT LCD screens have been widely used, so how is the TFT display screen composed? What is the process of TFT display design?

Ⅰ. Components of TFT display screen

The TFT display is composed of front frame, polarizer, color filter, liquid crystal, TFT glass, driver IC, diffuser, plastic frame, backlight, back panel, main control board, etc. So the LCD display design is also more complicated and cumbersome.

Ⅱ. The design process of TFT display screen is as follows 

1. First, we must confirm with the customer where special design is needed according to the drawings sent by the customer.

2. Then we designed the display screen scheme for the whole machine according to the customer's requirements. After continuous communication between us, we sent the drawing of the TFT display screen assembly to the customer for confirmation.

3. After the customer sees our drawings and is confirmed to be correct, they will formally enter the project approval stage to conduct sample research and development. After the customer receives the TFT display screen sample, they will debug with the whole machine, and enter the next small batch stage after one pass.

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The Design Process of TFT LCD Screen