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New Released! Proculus 5 inch Linux industrial LCM with FlyThings OS Comes



Our new product HY80480ZK050_T01, is a Linux industrial control machine, widely used in industrial display terminal products, vehicle terminal products, industrial automation terminal products, such as: intelligent home appliance control terminal, intelligent self-service terminal, intelligent retail terminal, O2O intelligent equipment, industrial control host, robot equipment, etc.




In terms of hardware, the product with Android display panel adopts industrial master control, Cortex-A7 dual-core 32-bit processor, single-core frequency 1.2GHz, memory 128MB, storage EMMC4G, support RTOS+LVGL, Linux+QT5.12 system, ultra-low power consumption. It adopts HIFI4 DSP video encoding and H.265 hard decoding.


With multi-channel video output and rich interface, it supports a variety of peripheral expansion:


  • 1*RS485 interface

  • 2*UART interfaces

  • 2*RS232 interfaces

  • 2*USB 2.0 interfaces

  • 1*USB OTG interface

  • onboard speaker alifier

  • onboard WIFI


It may be your best choice in human-computer interaction, device control terminal, industrial control project.



The solution uses Flythings to develop system and GUI.


What is FlyThings and why we choose it?


FlyThings system framework introduction 

FlyThings is an OS based on Linux system development, adding a self-developed system framework and GUI interactive system.


Target Scenario

1. Replace the use of Android in the following small application scenarios, such as home appliances, access control and other product scenarios with simple functions, high system stability requirements, and high cost-effective requirements

2. Replace the traditional black-and-white display or MCU-driven color display solution, and improve the interactive experience in a low-cost way.

3. The arrival of the Internet of Things and sharing scenarios has brought more demand for display windows and interaction. Provide system support with high cost performance and high stability.


System composition 

  • Kernel

1. Based on the open source Linux 3.4 kernel version

2. Tailored and optimized for the IoT industry


  • System

1. Autonomous GUI framework

2. Web API 

3. Multimedia Service

4. IoT platform access

5. Payment platform access capability

6. Remote update system capabilities

7. Ability to push messages remotely


  • Development support

1. Provide WYSIWYG configuration GUI development tools

2. Provide complete logic code open writing part

3. Continuously updated documentation and sample support

4. Constantly updated control package and system upgrade service




  • Advantages

1. Quick startup: Only 2-3 seconds.

2. Convenient development: Based on self-developed GUI integrated development and debugging tools.

3. Smooth interaction: The GUI is deeply optimised for hardware platforms, providing a modern visual interaction experience while ensuring low hardware resource consumption.

4. Multi-layer virtualization technology: Solve the problem of traditional display schemes limiting the number of layers.

5. Png format decoding ability: the image layer overlay effect is better.

6. High adaptability: it supports WiFi, Ethernet, 2G, and 4G access capabilities to provide customers with more convenient access to the network; at the same time, it is convenient and fast to access other platforms.

7. Video decoding capabilities: more convenient to display information to users.


The new product has been launched already, please contact us at: if you want more information.


For more specifications of our all-in-one LCD Modules, see our catalogue:UART LCD Display Module with USB/rs485/rs232 Ports, UART TFT LCM Manufacturer | Proculus (


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New Released! Proculus 5 inch Linux industrial LCM with FlyThings OS Comes