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The Advantages of TFT Display

Whether outdoor or indoor, more and more TFT displays are now presented to us. The display screen is the most critical interface connecting humans and machines. It was originally based on picture tubes. With the improvement of the overall level of display technology, people's requirements for the display screen are getting higher and higher. Various display technologies are also changing day by day. The longest and most influential one is the LCD screen. Its advantages such as thin and light appearance, no radiation, low energy consumption, and good display effect have occupied the mainstream position of the display screen. People want to know the tft monitor advantages and disadvantages. Next, I will introduce the main advantages of TFT display.

1. The display quality of the TFT display is high

Because every point of the TFT display screen keeps the color and brightness after receiving the signal, and emits constant light, unlike the cathode ray tube display (CRT) that needs to constantly refresh the bright spot. Therefore, the LCD panel TFT has high image quality and will never flicker, minimizing eye fatigue.

2. The power consumption of the TFT display is small

The traditional display screen is composed of many circuits. When these circuits drive the cathode-ray picture tube to work, they need to consume a lot of power, and as the volume increases, the power consumed by the internal circuit will definitely increase. In contrast, the power consumption of the TFT liquid crystal display screen is mainly consumed on its internal electrodes and driver IC, so the power consumption is much smaller than that of traditional displays.

3. The picture effect of the TFT display is good

Compared with traditional display screens, the LCD panel TFT uses a purely flat glass plate from the beginning, and the display effect is flat and right-angled, giving people a refreshing feeling. Moreover, LCD monitors are easier to achieve high resolution on small screens. For example, a 17-inch LCD monitor can achieve a resolution of 1280×1024, while a 18-inch CRT color display usually uses a resolution of 1280×1024 or more which is not completely satisfactory.

The Advantages of TFT Display