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7.0 Inch 800*480 LCD Module
7.0 Inch 800*480 LCD Module

Features of 7.0 Inch 800*480 LCD Module

  • Support RS232/TTL/CMOS, the max baud rate is 921600bps;
  • Support audio;
  • Support hardware JPG decoding which makes storage more efficient and display quicker;
  • Support offline batch download through USB Flash Drive, which improves download efficiency and reduce requirements for operators;
  • Support backlight brightness adjustment and automatic standby screen saver function;
  • Support multi-language font library, picture, TWO-DIMENSIONAL code display;
  • Support number and English input, customizable keyboard interface;
  • Support 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees screen rotation, adjustable visual angle;
  • Easy-to-use UnicView GUIs Development, no coding skills required;
  • Instant operation when power on without system load time;
  • Excellent electromagnetic compatibility characteristics.

Specifications of 7.0 Inch 800*480 LCD Module


Color65K (65536) colors, 16 bit color 5R6G5B
ACTIVE AREA / View Area154.1mm(width)×85.9mm(height)/156.4 mm(width)×88.8 mm(height)
Resolution800*480, 90° rotated display (480*800)
Backlight /Lifecycle/BrightnessLED/20,000 HOURS/ 900 cd/m²(without TP), 750 cd/m²(with TP)
Working Temperature-10~+60℃/-30~+85℃

Voltage & Current

Power Voltage
Operation CurrentVIN = 12V, Backlight on750mA
VIN = 12V, Backlight off170mA
Recommended Power Supply: 12V 1A DC

Reliability Test

Working Temperature60%RH at 12V voltage-102560
Storage Temperature--302585
Working Humidity25℃10%60%90%RH
Protective Paint--None--
Aging Test--8-H


Baud RateStandard1200115200921600bps
User Defined1200-921600bps

Output Voltage


Output 1, Iout=1mA3.03.2-V
Output 0, Iout=-1mA-0.10.2V

Input Voltage


Input 1, Iin=1mA2.03.315.0V
Input 0, Iin=-1mA-
InterfaceMode is determined by Jumper6: ON = 8N1, 3.3V TTL/CMOS; OFF = 8N1, RS232
SocketHY2.0-8P/10pin,1.0mm FFC
USBReserved (If needed, please contact our sales representative.)
SD slotYes (SD/SDHC, FAT32 file format)


FlashSpace of Font-32-MB
Picture Storage (128MB)--93Pcs
Picture Storage (256MB)

Picture Storage (1GB)--932Pcs
User's Storage0-32MB


Resistive touch screenYes
SD CardYes

Model number

P10600J70I_N03No Touch
P10600J70I_T03Resistive Touch
P10600J70I_P03Pcap Touch

Packaging and physical dimensions

Dimensions190.4(width) ×105.2(height) ×16.6(thickness)mm
Net weight of single pieceTBD
Weight of whole caseTBD

Immunity Test of 7.0 Inches 800*480 LCD Module

ESD test for electrostatic discharge

Test ambient temperature: 25℃

Test ambient humidity: 50%  Test process: Carry out contact and air discharge on the periphery of the iron frame and the display area of the serial port screen in turn, and observe whether the screen has abnormal working phenomena such as reset restart, black screen,  white screen, communication interruption, and other abnormalities.

Discharge typeDischarge valueResult
Contact discharge±6KVWorking properly.
Air discharge±15KVWorking properly.
Note: All tests are conducted when the products are exposed. In the actual use process, when the serial port screen is assembled on the user equipment, the screen and the equipment are kept well-grounded, the ESD performance of the whole machine will be better.

EFT Test

Test ambient temperature: 25℃

Test ambient humidity: 50%

Test process: The power supply line supplies power to the screen through the power supply after the pulse Group  generator is coupled with the pulse Group; the serial port signal line carries out serial port communication with the screen  through the signal after the pulse Group generator is coupled with the pulse Group; and the screen is observed whether  abnormal working phenomena such as reset restart, black screen, white screen, abnormal communication, and  communication interruption.

Test itemTest standardResult
Power cord4 KV100 KHzWorking properly.
Signal line2 KV100 KHzWorking properly.