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The Differences Between TFT Color Screen and TFT Monochrome Screen

With the continuous innovation of display technology, the types of lcd monitor module screens have become more and more, and different types of display products have also been applied to different industry terminals. What are the most fundamental differences between TFT color screen and monochrome screen?

Ⅰ. The different working principles of TFT color screen and TFT monochrome screen

1. Monochrome TFT display screen

The working reasons of the TFT color display screen and the monochrome screen are completely different. The monochrome screen is composed of 7 pen segments, and there are many points in a range, called pixels. The monochrome screens are all made of fixed size. These points are arranged in an array; for example, 12864 is composed of 64 points in the horizontal direction 128X and the vertical direction. There are many names for monochrome screens, such as pen-segment LCD screens, pattern LCD screens, dot matrix screens, digital screens, and so on.

2. TFT color screen

The TFT color screen is filled with liquid crystal material between two parallel plates, and the arrangement of molecules inside the liquid crystal material is changed by voltage so as to achieve the purpose of shading and transmitting light to display images with different shades and staggered patterns. Adding a filter layer of three primary colors between the plates can realize the display of color images. Therefore, the working principle of TFT color screen and monochrome screen is completely different.

Ⅱ. The different applications of TFT color screen and TFT monochrome screen

Monochrome TFT display screens are generally used in calculators, watches, remote controls, telephones and so on. But, TFT color screens are widely used, such as handheld terminals, high-end mobile phones, smart homes, Internet of Things equipment, health care, artificial intelligence, video phones, walkie-talkies. More and more terminal products will be more inclined to choose TFT color screen as the display device of the terminal products.

Ⅲ. The different prices of TFT color screen and TFT monochrome screen

TFT color screens are more expensive than monochrome TFT display screens, because the raw materials and production processes are different, and TFT color screens require higher raw materials, and the processing technology is also very complicated, the cost is higher, and the product performance And it is more popular among people. Monochrome TFT display screens generally have the problem of high MOQ. Because of their low price, monochrome TFT display screen manufacturers generally increase the quantity of order.

TFT color screen and monochrome screen are currently the two most common types of display screens on the market. There is no certainty who is better, only what kind of display screen is more suitable. Both TFT color screens and monochrome screens have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is better for everyone to be rational in the selection.

The Differences Between TFT Color Screen and TFT Monochrome Screen