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The Methods of Judging LCD Quality

With the construction of cities, the applications of LCD screens have become more and more extensive, and they have played an important role in promoting the development of industry. Many industries have very strict requirements for LCD screens. When buying LCD screens, they all hope to buy practical and cost-effective products. Then choose LCD screen products in addition to the manufacturer's thoughtful after-sales service, but also need to be easy to use. Therefore, it is necessary to make a judgment on the quality of the liquid crystal display in order to facilitate the purchase. So what are the ways to judge the LCD quality?

Ⅰ. The brightness of the liquid crystal display module

Brightness determines the brightness of the LCD display product on the screen. If its brightness is too low, it will cause the user to see clearly what is displayed on the screen if it is used in certain environments with strong light. The brightness should be high, but you should also choose according to your own needs. If you use it indoors, you don't need too high brightness.

Ⅱ. Resolution of the liquid crystal display module

The resolution of the LCD screen is one of the very important parameters for its display effect. The resolution determines the clarity of the displayed image and whether the screen is delicate or not. Generally, its resolution is very high. If the resolution is too low, do not buy it, otherwise the display effect is not ideal. For example, the resolution of the LCD screen is 1920×1080P, which is already very good.

Ⅲ. Input signal type of liquid crystal display module

At present, Android LCD screens on the market generally support signal input and output in multiple formats, but there are also many inferior products that only support a single signal input and output function, so be sure to see the supported input signals before buying. type.

Ⅳ. The contrast of the liquid crystal display module

Contrast determines the quality of the liquid crystal display. It displays the vividness of the color and the effect of the color. Under normal circumstances, the contrast of the liquid crystal display is 3000:1. It belongs to the liquid crystal splicing product with higher contrast in the liquid crystal splicing market. If the contrast is too low, it will lead to shortcomings such as not bright enough and not rich enough, so the contrast is best to be high.

Ⅴ. Splicing gap of liquid crystal display module

Because the LCD screen is composed of multiple splicing panels. Therefore, there will be a certain splicing gap between each panel. Of course, the smaller the stitching gap, the better. If the splicing gap is too large, it will affect the visual effect. At present, the LCD screen has successfully controlled the splicing to the lowest 5.5mm in the industry to fully guarantee the integrity of the display screen.

In fact, the simplest way to judge is visual comfort. If the vision is comfortable, the effect is better. If the picture is blurred, the image is stagnant, and the font is unclear, it must be a poor-quality LCD screen. So no matter what the seller or manufacturer say, the technical indicators are often different from the actual performance of the screen. If you want to buy high-quality products, you have to cultivate the ability for distinguishing the effects of LCD modules.

The Methods of Judging LCD Quality