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Things About 4G You Need To Know


In 2021, mobile network communication technology has been popularized in all walks of life, but do you really know what 4G is? This article will help you understand the things about mobile communication.

What is Mobile Communication

The full name of 4G communication is the fourth generation of network communication technology, and when it comes to network communication, we should start from the most basic electromagnetic wave. So-called wireless communication or mobile communication, in fact, is electromagnetic communication.

We see people gesture and make faces because of the light (visible light waves) captured by our eyes, which is also a form of 'wireless communication'. We talk through a walkie-talkie, through radio waves, which is also wireless communication. Light waves, radio waves, are essentially electromagnetic waves.

Electromagnetic waves are things that cannot be seen or touched, but they are always around us as a form of energy transmission. Light waves, like the gamma rays that we operate on, or the ultraviolet rays that we use to kill bacteria, and the sunlight that warms us, these are light waves, and they have energy.

According to the propagation characteristics of electromagnetic wave, we find that it can be carried for information, that is, used for communication. Use electromagnetic wave, be about to occupy frequency resource. However, this frequency resource is not inexhaustible, inexhaustible. The frequency resources that can be used for civil mobile communication are only a part of all the radio frequency resources. We usually say that spectrum resources are limited.

What is Spectrum/Band

Spectrum is a family of electromagnetic waves arranged continuously according to their wavelength (or frequency). For example, this continuous family of electromagnetic waves with frequencies between 800 MHz and 810 MHz is a spectrum. The frequencies are continuous, not discrete. Similar frequencies tend to interfere with each other, and each use occupies a band, so we don't use them one by one, we use them one by one.

In order to avoid the misuse of spectrum by different individuals or organizations, resulting in conflicts and interference, spectrum resources will be uniformly managed and allocated.In different countries, there will be corresponding authorities for management and distribution. It is illegal to use unauthorized frequencies without authorization.

For mobile phones or industrial tablets like the Proculus, the situation is more complicated. In this case, we will use a rank 'band' and we can see that the phone parameters will say: this phone supports band 38, 39, 40, etc. Each band represents a range of frequencies. The correspondence is as follows


What Proculus Does

It is impossible for the majority of consumers to fully understand the technical details of the frequency band, coupled with the possibility of changing operators to change the network, so the majority of manufacturers will strive to launch all-network mobile phones to meet the requirements of the market and users. However, the more network formats supported, the higher the development, manufacturing, and patent costs involved, and therefore, the more expensive Netcom products will be.

In order to solve the cost problem, Proculus adopts a more flexible way to customize 4G modules equipped with corresponding bands for different customers according to countries and industries, so as to meet the needs of users for mobile network communication. At the same time, the Proculus 4G module will also be equipped with GPS capabilities to adapt to the needs of more outdoor devices. For more information, please refer to:

Things About 4G You Need To Know