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UART Screen Solution : Application of Smart Screen in the Beauty Industry

The beauty equipment is a collective name for various beauty devices. With the development of society, people's demand for their own image has become higher and higher after solving the problem of food and clothing. Various beauty devices have emerged, and the demand for beauty devices in the market is becoming more and more vigorous. With the rapid development of mobile Internet technology, its penetration into various industries, and the constant innovation of beauty technology, small personal beauty equipment and self-service beauty equipment with UART displays have appeared. As the application fields of beauty equipment vary, the composition systems of the devices also differ.

As users' requirements for display effect become higher and higher, traditional digital tube displays can no longer meet customers' requirements. Intelligent color screen display solutions have emerged, bringing customers a better user experience. With the support of suppliers and the collaboration and innovation ability of excellent R&D teams, technology brings intelligent color screen solutions with cost advantages and powerful functions to the beauty industry. Currently, UART modules are widely and maturely used in the beauty industry.

Advantages of UART display beauty equipment solutions

Compared with traditional digital tube display solutions, screens have great advantages in all aspects:

  • The smart home screen android has a clearer display, better screen brightness and viewing angle, and more convenient operation.

  • Equipped with audio and video functions (Internet of Things products) to guide new customers' operations.

  • Equipment QR code charging, real-time updating of QR codes, easy payment by scanning the code with a mobile phone.

  • Docking with cloud platform, remote back-end management, and real-time monitoring of the beauty materials stored in the equipment.

Implementation of UART display beauty equipment solutions

  • Communication connection : Connected to the motherboard of the beauty equipment through UART communication, and currently generally adopts built-in resistive touch due to the operating environment.

  • Installation positioning : The main board on the screen has a positioning hole, and the hole size matches the screen viewing area. The positioning hole screw is fixed. (There is no unified standard in the market, and standard products can generally meet customer requirements with or without sheet metal shells.)

  • Configuration development : Use software development, rich configuration software, and give customers sufficient space for independent play. The Internet of Things screen has audio and video playback functions, which can let customers watch movies while beautifying themselves and relieve fatigue.

Interface functions of UART display beauty equipment

Beauty equipment provided by LCD screen companies usually has few interfaces, mainly using the following controls:

  • Text control : Used to display information such as water temperature during cleaning.

  • Button control : Operate directly on the smart home screen android, press the button to send instructions to the customer motherboard, and perform the corresponding instruction operation.

  • Audio and video playback : The Internet of Things supports audio and video functions, which can play audio and video in a loop, guide customers to use the UART machine equipment, and increase the pleasure of beauty.

UART Screen Solution : Application of Smart Screen in the Beauty Industry