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Application of UART Screen in Fitness Equipment Field

Nowadays, with the improvement of people's living standards, in addition to satisfying the basic needs of shelter and food, people also begin to pay attention to physical fitness. In the past, people usually improved their physical fitness through outdoor running, fitness, or going to the gym and utilizing gym equipment to train their bodies. However, these two methods require a certain amount of commuting time and effort. Moreover, with the progress of technology and social development, social construction is rapidly developing towards urbanization, which has led to more restrictions on outdoor sports places for people. Therefore, the emergence of home fitness equipment, such as home treadmills, spinning bikes and other equipment, meets people's demand for convenient fitness.

Basic functions of the UART display on the treadmill

The intelligentization of fitness equipment can provide users with better experiences, such as the application of the UART display on treadmills or spinning bikes. The operation and information of the equipment can be directly achieved and presented through the screen, enabling users to understand and operate the equipment in a simple and clear way. Therefore, it can be seen that there is a wide potential market for UART displays in the field of fitness equipment.

The UART display of the treadmill can choose the function mode by rotating. After rotating to the desired gear, it can be selected successfully by pressing, and this solution also supports delayed automatic determination and other methods.

Introduction to the display of the UART display on the treadmill

  • Gear display : Can be presented by numbers or graphic symbols.

  • Display method : When rotated to the specified gear and confirmed, it can show highlight or color change, or professional zoom selected highlight or color change, etc. Meanwhile, it can be paired with confirmation sound effects.

  • Standby display : When the screen of the rotary screen is in standby mode, it can display real-time date, week, and time. Suitable to add temperature and humidity sensors, and the treadmill smart home screen android can also display real-time temperature.

  • Standby state : When the equipment enters standby mode, it can be automatically adjusted to a black screen or dark screen.

  • Online voice wakeup : For example, Baidu's online voice, the recognized text can be transmitted to the customer cloud, and the customer cloud can parse and send control commands to the device.

  • Offline voice wakeup : After the wakeup word is activated, it can control the device through the preset offline voice command, such as opening the slow running mode. If there is a need to parse and send control commands to the customer cloud, you can send control commands to the customer's cloud. The atmosphere lamp woken up by the UART screen will be presented in different colors.

The UART display provided by LCD module supplier not only has complete basic functions but also has a simple and elegant appearance when combined with fitness equipment, showing the atmosphere and intelligence of fitness equipment, and making a great step towards the goal of human-machine interaction. It is not difficult to imagine that when the UART screen is combined with smart home, such as washing machines, air fryers, ovens, and other smart home products, it will create a lot of sparks!

Application of UART Screen in Fitness Equipment Field