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What Are the Components of a Uart Screen?

A uart screen is an intelligent uart control display module that can be configured and developed in a secondary way. It refers to a TFT color LCD screen display control module with uart communication, which can connect external devices such as PLCs, inverters, temperature controllers, data acquisition modules, etc., and use the display screen to display relevant data. Users can interact with the machine through input units such as touch screens, buttons, mice, etc. to enter parameters or input operation instructions. It is widely used in various display fields such as industrial automation, smart home appliances, transportation rails, data centers, charging piles, power and medical equipment, national defense and security, and shared devices.

Uart screen products are generally composed of two parts: uart screen hardware equipment and uart screen operating software

  • The hardware part includes a processor, uart lcd display, touch panel, FLASH memory, RS232 or 485 uart chip, audio and video decoding chip, SD card slot, etc., and some models include WIFI, 4G, Bluetooth, voice recognition, face recognition, fingerprint recognition and other modules. The performance of the processor determines the high or low performance of the uart screen product, which is the core unit of the uart module.

  • The operating software is generally divided into two parts, namely the "system software running on the uart screen hardware" and the "screen configuration software running under the Windows operating system of the PC". Users must first use the uart screen's screen configuration software to create a "Project File", and then download the compiled "Project File" to the processor and FLASH of the uart screen through the uart, SD card, U disk, etc. to run.

The system software of the uart module is used to drive the entire hardware to work together, including parsing, loading, running, and refreshing the interface of the "Project File", while parsing uart communication, touch screen operation, data processing, data storage, etc., and responding to external peripherals such as uarts, WIFI, 4G, Bluetooth communication, voice recognition, face recognition, and fingerprint recognition.

Application of uart screens

Uart screens are widely used in dozens of industries and fields such as industrial automation, electric power, telecommunications, environmental protection, medical, finance, petroleum, chemical industry, transportation, energy, geology, metallurgy, public inquiry and monitoring, smart home appliances, transportation rails, data centers, charging piles, power and medical equipment, national defense and security, and shared devices.

Of course, different versions have their applicable fields. Each custom lcd screen manufacturer has different supporting software, which can achieve various complex functions on the software, and the operation is simple and convenient. Some manufacturers have virtual uart screens, which can directly evaluate the functions of physical screens through the software and save production costs. With the supporting configuration software, all the controls needed for interface design are available. Users only need to write a little code to complete the interface design, truly achieving "zero code".

What Are the Components of a Uart Screen?