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What is TFT LCD? What Are Applications for TFT LCD Screen?

There are really many names for LCD products, which leads to many terminal manufacturers in the process of purchasing LCD products. What are the lcd display application industries? Next, Proculus Technology will explain to you.

1. What is a TFT LCD screen?

The TFT LCD screen is also called the LCD display module (android tft screen), which is mainly assembled by a combination, so it is called the TFT LCD screen. What are the important components in this module?

(1) Liquid crystal panel, the liquid crystal panel is filled with liquid crystal in the middle of two glass substrates, which is an important part of the TFT LCD screen.

(2) Backlight, which contains many components, such as upper and lower iron frames, LED lights, brightness-enhancing film, etc., can only be lit with a backlight TFT LCD screen.

(3) In addition to the panel and backlight, there are ICs, cables, upper and lower polarizers, etc., and even the combination of touch screen and PCB board is also called TFT LCD screen. In short, everyone only needs to know that TFT LCD screen is the combination of the entire component.

2. Industries where TFT LCD screens are used

At present, the application of TFT LCD screen is quite extensive, including the use of electric power, transportation, industry, medical treatment, smart home, artificial intelligence and other industries. With the increase of smart products, the usage rate of TFT LCD screen will continue to rise in the future.

TFT LCD screen is one of the LCD products with good display effect, simple development, reasonable price and wide application. TFT LCD products have high yield and high reliability, and are the first choice for many intelligent terminal products.

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What is TFT LCD? What Are Applications for TFT LCD Screen?