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Application of UART Screen on Tongue Diagnosis Instrument

Based on the familiar tongue diagnosis instrument, it is a new intelligent product that combines excellent big data mining technology and related technology application libraries' machine learning algorithm technology. This kind of instrument can help doctors in the assistance research of tongue diagnosis due to its own functional modules. It can also be used in medical education and scientific research in various medical colleges and universities. So, what specific functional modules does the UART screen tongue diagnosis instrument have?

Under the continuous efforts of scientists, the tongue diagnosis instrument has gradually matured and developed. It not only has a relatively complete system but also has a strong function. After the doctor's preliminary diagnosis, the intelligent system of this instrument will assist in generating the patient's condition report, which effectively improves the medical efficiency. It is a great boon for doctors and patients. Secondly, the UART screen tongue diagnosis instrument also has tongue diagnosis and face diagnosis functions, which other medical instruments cannot match. Since the two diagnoses require very similar working environments, putting them under the same instrument is more conducive to diagnosis. It can better analyze the patient's condition and make corresponding plans. Moreover, the tongue diagnosis instrument of this UART TFT also has hygiene monitoring. During the face diagnosis process, the patient's mouth and nose are relatively close to the device, considering the user's hygiene issues. This instrument adds a module for sterilization and disinfection, considering the cross-infection and hygiene issues that may arise from different users alternating use.

Automatic research and self-learning capability functional module of UART screen tongue diagnosis instrument

For this technically strong UART screen tongue diagnosis instrument, its automatic research functional module is relatively powerful, and it can automatically research tongue texture, tongue veins, tongue coating, etc. Its result display is very accurate, and the displayed results can be relatively intuitive in front of medical staff. At the same time, the efficient instrument also has a certain self-learning ability and continuously improves to ensure the accuracy of the whole system of the LCD module products.

Feature extraction functional module of UART screen tongue diagnosis instrument

In a specific natural environment, this UART LCD screen instrument can use the monitoring camera to obtain relevant information content and extract the texture, color, and lines in its image. After these features are extracted, based on the true value in the data, a relatively accurate result display can be obtained. In addition, tongue texture features, tongue coating features, teeth mark features, and their crack features can also be extracted by the instrument.

Artificial drawing functional module of the UART screen tongue diagnosis instrument

For some tongue pictures from other sources, there may be situations where errors are obtained using this instrument. However, this is not a concern because this UART LCD screen instrument can perform automatic artificial drawing, depict lines, and can also perform actual operation of canceling at any time during the drawing process.

With the above points, we can see that the UART screen tongue diagnosis instrument's application range is relatively wide. On the one hand, it has the ability to automatically study and learn. Secondly, its drawing function module is relatively powerful, which can bring great convenience and speed in the medical field and scientific research.

Application of UART Screen on Tongue Diagnosis Instrument