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Classification of LCD Modules

1. Digital display LCD module

The digital display liquid crystal module is a functional component composed of a segmented liquid crystal display device and a dedicated integrated circuit, which can only display numbers and some identification symbols. Segment LCD devices are mostly used in portable and pocket-sized devices.

Due to the small size of these liquid crystal display module devices, the display part should not be designed as a separate component as much as possible. Even if a separate display assembly is required in some application fields, it should also have some functions such as information receiving, processing, storage and delivery are welcomed by the market because of their general and specific functions.

2. Dot matrix character LCD module

The dot matrix character LCD module is assembled by a dot matrix character liquid crystal display device, dedicated row and column drivers, controllers, and necessary connecting parts, and structural parts, which can display numbers and English characters. This liquid crystal display module itself has a character generator, has a large display capacity and rich functions.

3. Dot matrix graphic LCD module

The dot matrix graphic liquid crystal module is also a kind of dot matrix module, which is characterized by the continuous arrangement of dot matrix pixels, and there is no space between rows and columns in the arrangement. Therefore, continuous and complete graphics can be displayed. Since it is also composed of X-Y matrix pixels, in addition to displaying graphics, characters can also be displayed.

Classification of LCD Modules