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Design and Material Selection of Industrial LCD Displays

In recent years, with the development of industry, industrial LCD displays are becoming more and more widely used. Since the design work for industrial LCD displays is needed in the early stage, today we summarize some details that need to be paid attention to when designing industrial TFT LCD monitors, hoping to help you understand industrial LCD displays.

Selection of materials for industrial TFT LCD monitors

Selection of LCD display material

Generally, industrial LCD display products are mainly used in the industrial control industry, and different industries have different requirements. The industrial control industry has stricter requirements for the materials used in industrial LCD displays. We usually choose materials with high reliability when designing industrial LCD displays. For example, when selecting materials for LCD displays, the backlight will choose a backlight with a lifespan of more than 5,000 hours, and ICs will generally use international well-known brands of ICs.

Selection of materials for touch screens

For industrial touch screens, which are used in industrial control, there are requirements for drop resistance. Therefore, when selecting materials for touch screens, LCD display factories usually choose high-performance cover glass. Generally, industrial LCD displays will choose a higher strength cover glass.

Requirements for performance parameters of industrial TFT LCD monitors

The main difference between industrial tft display and general consumer-grade displays is their performance parameters. Industrial LCD displays require much higher performance parameters such as aging, high and low temperature, salt spray, vibration, brightness, resolution, etc. Generally, industrial LCD displays need to undergo a 72-hour aging test to ensure their quality stability and reliability.

Behind any industrial TFT LCD display is a series of complex processes. As a manufacturer of industrial LCD displays, we need to uphold responsible, serious, and artisanal production of industrial LCD display products. Only in this way can we gain recognition from more industry customers and become a benchmark in the industry.

A industrial monitor is a display used in industrial control processes or equipment. The main difference between it and consumer or commercial displays is its all-steel design, which has different panel materials such as common iron plates, stainless iron, stainless steel, aluminum plates, etc. It also has special designs for dust and shock resistance and uses industrial-grade LCD displays. In cases where the environmental requirements are high, wide-temperature LCD displays are considered, and currently, only a few foreign manufacturers produce this type of display, which is more expensive.

Design and Material Selection of Industrial LCD Displays