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Design Factors That Need to Be Measured in the Customization of Touch Screen Module

The display effect of the touch LCD screen can be considered in terms of backlight, brightness, and visual angle. When customizing the touch LCD screen, the manufacturer will check the following information with the customer, such as the size, voltage, touch LCD screen type, color, COM number, bias ratio, operating temperature, etc. of the touch screen module. During use, if the touch LCD screen pins cannot be inserted, it must be that the pins of the screen and the holes of the PCB are not symmetrical, or the holes are too small. After production, the manufacturer will confirm that there are no such problems before providing it to customers. Of course, manufacturers also need to consider other factors. TFT is used in many electronic products and can achieve a good display effect.

1. The display effect of using the touch screen LCD display module

When using the touch screen LCD display module, when there is no press, the product touch screen controller is in the waiting interrupt mode (the INT_TC interrupt is waiting here). Once the touch screen LCD module is pressed, an INT_TC interrupt will be generated. Then in the interrupt handler function, enable one of the following two transformation modes: one is a separate x/y axis coordinate transformation mode, and the other is a continuous x/y axis transformation mode, and the display effect is very good. it is good. Moreover, it is also used in many electronic equipment, mechanical equipment consoles.

2. Smart touch screen modules are widely used in electronic products

In addition to electronic products, smart touch screen modules will also be applied to mechanical equipment. When choosing a smart touch screen, pay attention to various data of the hardware. Smart touch screen with good stability also has certain advantages when used on mechanical equipment. It can provide good help for operating some mechanical equipment, and also ensure that the machine has good operation and efficiency during work.

Use of smart touch screen module: In terms of overall matching, with the development of product diversification, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the shape and style, and choose according to actual needs, which is very good.

Design Factors That Need to Be Measured in the Customization of Touch Screen Module