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How to Judge the Color Gamut of a 7-inch LCD Screen?

A 7-inch LCD screen always has a lot of parameters. We all know the resolution, size, brightness, interface, etc., but many non-professionals do not know the color gamut of the 7-inch LCD screen. Today Proculus will tell you what the color gamut of a 7-inch LCD monitor is, and I hope it will help you understand the 7-inch LCD screen.

1. RGB interface parameters of 7-inch LCD display

7-inch RGB interface LCD screen also has many kinds of parameter specifications. 7-inch rgb interface LCD screen resolution has 800*480, 1024*600 and so on. However, most of the 7-inch rgb interface LCD screens are horizontal screens. The viewing angle includes IPS 7-inch rgb interface LCD screens and TN 7-inch rgb interface LCD screens. The range of brightness options is also relatively large, from 400 ordinary brightness to about 2000 high brightness can be achieved, so according to specific needs, you can choose a 7-inch rgb interface LCD screen with different parameters.

2. Color gamut of 7-inch LCD monitor

The color gamut of a 7-inch LCD monitor is simply explained as the color area, that is, in which areas the displayed color can display the color range. For the color range, we use a triangular area to represent it. The larger the range covered by the color gamut, the more colorful and realistic the displayed colors. But under normal circumstances, the color gamut of the 7 inch LCD screen will not completely cover the triangular area, but only close to the triangular area, and the more it covers, the better the display effect will be.

3. The importance of color gamut of 7-inch LCD monitors

The color gamut of the 7-inch LCD screen directly affects the display effect of the 7-inch LCD screen, so the color gamut is also a very important parameter. So how to judge the color gamut? Can we see it with the naked eye? Our human eyes cannot measure the color gamut of a 7-inch LCD monitor, which is generally obtained through accurate testing by machine, and ultimately obtained by testing the color accuracy in the test report. In short, the wider the coverage, the richer the colors displayed in the playback pictures and videos, and the more comfortable the visual effect looks for people.

Through the above introduction, do you have a preliminary understanding of the color gamut of the 7-inch LCD screen? If you want to purchase a 7-inch LCD screen, Proculus will recommend the most suitable 7-inch LCD screen for you based on the characteristics of your industry.

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