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Interpretation from Three Aspects: the Benefits of Industrial Color TFT Liquid Crystal Modules

1. Multi-touch operation

Equipped with a touch screen that can be operated from a protective glass with a thickness of 5mm, and is equipped with a control circuit that takes into account high sensitivity, water drop resistance and multi-point detection to create a high-function, high-performance touch screen. In addition, there are up to 10 points of multi-touch operation. The color TFT display can be operated with gloves and water droplets attached, and it can be used in a variety of environments, and the operation can be performed by touching 2 or more points at the same time.

2. Provide support for a full set of touch screen solutions

The color TFT display such as the 10.4 TFT LCD color monitor provides a complete solution and all-round support including liquid crystal display module, touch screen and control circuit board, and provides glass bonding technology that can obtain high visibility in bright environments such as outdoors, as well as protective glass strengthening treatment, Processing of various options such as low reflection treatment and anti-fouling treatment, industrial color TFT liquid crystal module. Through one-stop production of liquid crystal display module, touch screen sensor, cover glass, and control circuit board assembly, high quality and high reliability are achieved, and the structure of TFT liquid crystal module, touch screen sensor and cover glass is bonded with synthetic resin.

3. Projected capacitive type

The capacitive type is a touch screen method that determines the position of the contact by measuring the electrostatic capacitance between the sensor and the fingertip; the capacitive type is divided into a surface type with four-corner detection and a projection type with full screen detection. The projection type can be operated by multi-touch, and has been applied to terminal devices such as smartphones. Our company uses low-resistance materials instead of similar transparent electrode films for sensor wiring of touch panels, resulting in no color shift and high visibility. Proculus focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of industrial display screens, industrial-grade touch screens and optical bonding products. These touch panel modules are widely used in medical equipment, industrial handheld terminals, IoT terminals and smart homes.

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Interpretation from Three Aspects: the Benefits of Industrial Color TFT Liquid Crystal Modules