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Maintenance Method of Color LCD Screen

1. Cleaning method of color LCD display module

After using the color LCD display module for a period of time, you will find that a layer of dust is often adsorbed on the display screen (it is more obvious when the LCD is turned off), and sometimes various water stains are accidentally stained, which will definitely greatly affect the visual effect, so how to clean it?

(1) Turn off the LCD power first, and remove the plug of the power cord and the connector of the graphics card.

(2) Move the LCD to a place with better natural light, so that the dust can be seen clearly, which is more conducive to targeted, so as to achieve a better cleaning effect.

(3) No special solution or cloth is needed to clean the TFT LCD screen. Experience tells us that clean water + soft lint-free cloth or pure cotton lint-free cloth is the best TFT LCD screen cleaning tool (no lint-free paper towels are also OK). When cleaning, you can use a pure cotton lint-free cloth dipped in water and then slightly wring it out, and then gently wipe the dust on the display with a slightly damp soft lint-free cloth (do not squeeze the display too hard). Wipe one side to the other until it's all wiped clean, don't wave it around. Do not wipe with hard cloth or paper. At the same time, do not use cleaning solutions containing alcohol or acetone or cleaning agents containing chemical components, and do not spray the liquid directly onto the screen to prevent the liquid from penetrating into the protective film.

(4) After cleaning the TFT LCD colour monitor with a soft, damp cloth, clean it again with a damp cloth that has been twisted dry. Finally, let the moisture on the LCD screen dry naturally in a ventilated place.

2. Other maintenance points for color LCD display module

(1) Avoid vibration. The LCD screen is very fragile, and strong shock and vibration should be avoided. Do not put pressure on the LCD screen or bump or squeeze the back cover of the LCD screen.

(2) Avoid prolonged use of the screen. Long-term work is not a good thing for LCD. If it is not in use, be sure to turn off the power of the display. By the same token, use wallpapers and screensavers with caution when using wholesale TFT touch screens. Most of the wallpapers and screensavers have bright colors, and the contrast between light and dark is strong. Long-term use will distort the color of the LCD, which will affect the life of the LCD display. Therefore, it is best to use a monochrome screen and cancel the screen saver when using the LCD.

(3) Anti-electromagnetic interference. The color liquid crystal display module should be kept away from objects with strong magnetic field. The surrounding strong magnetic field will generate extra voltage inside the display, thus affecting the stability of the display voltage. Being in a strong magnetic field for a long time will also cause color distortion, which will affect the display effect and life of the LCD.

(4) Pay attention to moisture. Do not let any moisture enter the LCD. If the indoor humidity is too high, condensation may occur inside the LCD, resulting in leakage and short circuit of the LCD, and even burns the display screen. For some southern areas with high humidity, the LCD can be placed in a warmer and dry place, and the back of the LCD can be baked regularly with a low-power desk lamp to allow the moisture in it to evaporate.

Maintenance Method of Color LCD Screen