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Technical Advantages of TFT LCD Monitor

The TFT LCD monitor is a flat and ultra-thin display device, composed of a certain number of colors or black and white pixels, which are placed in front of the light source or the reflective surface. LCD displays are favored by engineers because of their low power consumption and are suitable for electronic devices that run on batteries. Its main working principle is to stimulate the liquid crystal molecules to generate dots, lines and surfaces with the back light tube to form a picture.

1. TFT LCD monitor is smaller in size and lighter in weight

Traditional CRT monitors use picture tube technology for imaging, so they need a built-in vacuum picture tube and an electron gun at the end, so that the length is generally more than 30 cm, and the volume of the entire display is larger. The uart display TFT LCD uses liquid crystal material, and then applies the corresponding imaging technology to display, without installing a picture tube inside the display, so that the volume is small.

2. TFT LCD monitor has a larger display area

The traditional CRT display is limited by display technology, and its size is smaller than the display area of the fluorescent screen. However, due to the different imaging principles of liquid crystal displays, the marked size is the actual display area.

3. TFT LCD monitor has no radiation and no flicker

The CRT display adopts cathode picture tube imaging. The electron beam contained in it will generate a lot of static electricity and radiation during operation, and the faster the electron beam runs, the greater the radiation. Long-term use will cause damage to the eyes and skin, such as eye myopia, skin allergies and other problems. However, because the LCD display uses liquid crystal material, it does not need to use electron beams when working, so there are no problems of static electricity and radiation that affect vision. In addition, the formation of a picture of the CRT display is formed by scanning, and only when the scanning frequency reaches a certain value, there is no flicker, while the TFT LCD display display does not need the scanning process, and a picture is formed almost at the same time, even if the refreshed frequency is very low, there is no flicker at all.

4. TFT LCD monitor has low power consumption and strong anti-interference ability

In addition to the power consumption of the circuit and the picture tube, the CRT display also has the power consumption of the display screen, while the tft lcd power consumption is mainly on the backlight and the circuit, and the power consumption of the display screen can be ignored. In addition, because the liquid crystal display does not use a picture tube and an electron gun for imaging like a CRT display, it does not need to consider the high radiation effect caused by increasing the electron beam emitted by the electron gun, but only obtains the brightness through the backlight emitted by the fluorescent tube. Therefore, it has a stronger anti-interference ability, and even in an environment with concentrated light, it will present a good display effect.

5. TFT LCD monitor has high-quality display

The traditional CRT monitor mostly adopts the analog display mode, and the displayed signal output adopts the analog output mode, which may cause the loss of the image during the transmission process, resulting in the decline of the picture quality. Outputting digital signals will not cause signal loss, but at present, most LCD monitors still use VGA interfaces for analog monitors, and only a few manufacturers have set up digital video signal interfaces.

6. TFT LCD monitor is more intelligent

Due to the different materials and technologies used in TFT liquid crystal displays, some of its parameters are generally relatively fixed, which requires more intelligent performance adjustment of the display. In this regard, each manufacturer has its own mature technology.

7. TFT LCD monitor is made of better material

The traditional CRT display uses an ultra-thick glass display. Although the outer surface is as flat as the liquid crystal display, the inner surface is somewhat curved, which looks like a concave, and the image will be slightly distorted. The basic material used in liquid crystal displays is liquid crystal - a substance that has both the fluidity of liquids and the regular arrangement of crystals. When the liquid crystal is heated to a certain extent, it will become a transparent liquid. After cooling, it will show the characteristics of a crystal. Because the state of liquid crystal are between solid and liquid, it not only has the optical characteristics of solid crystal, but also has the flow characteristics of liquid. The liquid crystal display uses its characteristics to display.

Technical Advantages of TFT LCD Monitor