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Reasons for the Popularity of 10.1 TFT LCD Monitor

1. Advantages of 10.1 TFT LCD monitor

In terms of the material, the selection of the 10.1 TFT LCD monitor material is very strict. It uses a hard screen material, and based on the characteristics of the hard screen material, it can work normally in complex environments. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of high brightness, high definition and high contrast, which further meets the needs of the LCD display in an industrial environment. In terms of size, 10.1 inches is not large, it has the advantages of small size and lightweight. And it also has the characteristics of a large display area and an accurate and stable display effect.

The lifespan of the LCD screen is very long. Even if it is in working condition 24 hours a day, its service life is mostly more than 5 years. It is more durable than normal LCD screens. 10.1 TFT LCD monitors have low power consumption. Energy-saving, environmental protection and non-radiation are the advantages of the 10.1 TFT LCD monitor. The most important thing is that it consumes little power. Take the wholesale TFT monitor as an example. Under the same size, the power consumption of the industrial LCD display is only one third of that of the CRT display.

2. Reasons for the popularity of 10.1 TFT LCD monitor

With the rapid development of technology, there are some industries that have developed rapidly in recent years, including industrial enterprises. Behind the vigorous development of the industry, the development of the 10.1 HD TFT LCD color monitor is bound to be inseparable. Of course, LCD screens are not only useful in the industrial field, but also can be applied in many industries and fields such as the military industry, medical care, and home furnishing. Let's take a look at the 10.1 TFT LCD monitor.

First of all, we need to know that the LCD screen is designed and produced according to the technical requirements of the industry, which is very different from the traditional household display screen. This difference is mainly due to the fact that the LCD screen used in the industry has high requirements on service life and technology, and its most important characteristic is wide temperature and high brightness.

Wide temperature refers to the ambient temperature at which the LCD screen can operate normally. Generally speaking, different industries have different requirements on wide temperature, such as -20℃~70℃, -30℃~80℃, etc. Of course, the wider the operating temperature range, the higher the price. The high brightness refers to the highlight and contrast of the LCD screen, which can provide a better display effect under strong ambient light.

After understanding these two characteristics, it is not difficult for us to find that the 10.1 TFT LCD monitor is very suitable for complex industrial environments. Whether you need to work outdoors for a long time, or the temperature of the working environment is very different from the temperature in the general scene, these LCD screens can overcome it. That's why 10.1 TFT LCD monitors are popular.

Reasons for the Popularity of 10.1 TFT LCD Monitor