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Three Elements for Choosing a TFT LCD Display Manufacturer

In recent years, the TFT LCD display industry has become more and more complex. Upstream panel manufacturers and chip manufacturers are all oligopoly, while TFT LCD display manufacturers are basically in the crack of survival. How to find a way to survive in the fiercely competitive market is a breakthrough that every TFT LCD display manufacturer is looking for. The following is Proculus's views on this topic.

1. The internal production process of the TFT LCD display manufacturer

If you don't have your own strength, there will be no victory or defeat in any fierce competition. If you are good enough, you can stand out in this industry, so your own strength is the first.

Good production technology is the core competitiveness of the TFT LCD screen. Only by continuously optimizing the production process can the products become more competitive. This can promote the production industry and indirectly reduce costs.

2. The price-performance ratio of TFT LCD display manufacturers

Cost is critical for the LCD screen factory. Everyone knows that in the upstream of TFT liquid crystal display manufacturers, many panel manufacturers and IC manufacturers belong to monopoly industries and require cash transactions. This has brought many problems to TFT LCD manufacturers. Therefore, in the face of such a severe market situation, it is also very important to reduce costs and improve cost performance. Both the quality and price of the end product are very important.

3. Product innovation of TFT LCD display manufacturers

The stagnant TFT liquid crystal display manufacturers will eventually be eliminated by the trend of the times, while potential TFT liquid crystal display manufacturers will focus on innovation. In view of our own shortcomings, we must make changes and make breakthroughs. There must be a sense of innovation in products and services in order to keep up with the pace of the times. Good TFT LCD display manufacturers should have excellent qualities, and create a virtuous development and virtuous circle of the industry atmosphere, and be manufacturers that love the industry.

Three Elements for Choosing a TFT LCD Display Manufacturer