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7.0 Inch 1024*600 Display HDMI
7.0 Inch 1024*600 Display HDMI

Features of 7.0 Inch 1024*600 Display HDMI

  • IPS full Angle display

    1. The viewing Angle is large.

    2. true color.

    3. Dynamic picture quality is excellent.

    4. Energy saving and environmental protection.

  • 1024X600 hd vision

    1. Resolution for hd 1024X600 dot matrix.

    2. It is more delicate than 800X480 ordinary screen.

  • Tempered glass touch panel

    1. Hardness up to 6H, more durable and more scratch resistant.

  • Built-in sound system

    1. Built - in power amplifier circuit.

    2. Built-in stereo dual speaker system, in the display while dancing with the music.

  • Front key dimming + breathing lamp

    1. The front panel has a set of hidden touch buttons to support one-button adjustment of backlight brightness.

    2. The front panel is equipped with a breathing lamp to indicate the working status.

  • Used as a mini PC monitor

    1. Support raspberry pie, Banana Pi, BB Black and other mainstream development board.

    2. Support Raspbian, Kali Linux, ubuntu and other mainstream systems, single touch plug and play without driver.

  • Used as a computer display

    1. Support win10/win8/win7 system, support five-point touch plug and play driver.

Interface Description of 7.0 Inch 1024*600 Display HDMI

Num.Interface NameDescription
J1Breathing LightShort press once, the backlight brightness increases by 10%,
after reaching 100%, it will start to cycle from 10%;
Long press 3 seconds, backlight off;
Short press again, Restore the brightness before.
J2PowerWhen there is HDMI signal, press the button, the system starts
up, and the breathing lamp turns blue and slowly flashes.
Press again, the system shuts down, the breathing light turns
red and slowly flashes.
J3Menu/ReturnOpen/Close the System Settings Menu; Return
J4Confirm/MuteShortcut keys, Mute;
In the System Settings Menu, Confirm
J5Up/ Brightness IncreasedShortcut key, backlight brightness increase;
In the System Settings Menu, Up
J6Down/ Brightness DecreaseShortcut key, backlight brightness reduction;
In the System Settings Menu, Down
J7Left/ Volume ReductionShortcut key, Volume reduction;
In the System Settings Menu, Left
J8Right/ Volume IncreaseShortcut key, Volume increase;
In the System Settings Menu, Right