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Understanding RK3399 Processor and big.LITTLE Architecture It Used

Introduction to RK3399

RK3399 is a highly versatile and powerful system-on-chip (SoC) developed by Rockchip, widely recognized for its implementation in various high-performance computing tasks, including industrial automation, medical device and so on.


RK3399 module stands out in the crowded processor market due to its unique blend of performance, energy efficiency, and feature-rich design.




Key Features of RK3399

  • Hexa-Core CPU Configuration

The RK3399 employs a hexa-core CPU design, combining two ARM Cortex-A72 cores and four ARM Cortex-A53 cores. This arrangement is a fundamental aspect of the big.LITTLE architecture, which we'll delve into later.


  • Mali-T860MP4 GPU

This GPU ensures robust graphical performance, making the RK3399 suitable for gaming, multimedia applications, and tasks requiring significant graphical processing power.


  • Multiple Connectivity Options

The RK3399 supports a wide array of connectivity options, including USB 3.0, PCIe, and Gigabit Ethernet, facilitating high-speed data transfer and connectivity.


  • Advanced Media Capabilities

With support for 4K video playback and multiple codec standards, the RK3399 is adept at handling high-definition media content, making it ideal for media centers and digital signage.


  • Memory Support

It supports LPDDR3 and LPDDR4 memory, allowing for flexibility in designing systems with varying performance and power requirements.




How RK3399 Differs from Other Processors

  • Big.LITTLE Architecture

Unlike traditional single-cluster CPU designs, the RK3399 leverages the big.LITTLE architecture to balance performance and power consumption effectively.


  • Hexa-Core Advantage

Many processors in the same category might offer quad-core or octa-core configurations, but the hexa-core setup of RK3399 provides an optimal middle ground, delivering both power and efficiency.


What Is big.LITTLE Architecture?

The big.LITTLE architecture, developed by ARM, is a heterogeneous computing architecture that combines high-performance cores (big) with energy-efficient cores (LITTLE) within a single processor. This design aims to optimize performance and energy consumption based on the workload demands.




Features and Benefits of big.LITTLE Architecture

  • Dynamic Task Allocation

The big.LITTLE architecture can dynamically allocate tasks to the appropriate cores. Like RK3399, High-demand tasks are assigned to the powerful Cortex-A72 cores, while less intensive tasks run on the efficient Cortex-A53 cores.


This dynamic allocation helps in maintaining an optimal balance between performance and power usage.


  • Energy Efficiency

By offloading lighter tasks to the LITTLE cores, the system conserves energy, significantly extending battery life in portable devices. This feature is particularly beneficial in mobile computing and embedded systems where power efficiency is crucial.


  • Scalability

The architecture's scalability allows for the design of processors that can adapt to a wide range of applications, from smartphones and tablets to servers and high-performance industrial devices.


  • Thermal Management

big.LITTLE architecture helps in managing thermal output more effectively. By distributing the workload, it prevents any single core from overheating, ensuring the system remains cool and efficient.


Our Android Display with RK3399 Processor




P10600HY070A_T01 sets a new benchmark for high-performance Android LCD modules. Its powerful RK3399 processor, extensive connectivity options, and superior display quality make it an outstanding choice for various industrial and smart device applications.

With options for 2GB or 4GB DDR3 RAM and eMMC storage capacities ranging from 8GB to 64GB, this module provides ample memory and storage for diverse applications.

The P10600HY070A_T01 includes three RS232 ports, one RS485 port, and multiple USB interfaces. It supports Wi-Fi (2.4G/5G), Bluetooth 4.0, Ethernet, and optional 4G connectivity.

Additionally, it features HDMI output, GPIO, IIC, and a TF card slot for expandable storage. These connectivity options make it suitable for a wide range of applications.








In the rapidly evolving world of technology, Proculus is excited to present the P10600HY070A_T01. This 7-inch Smart Display,with Android 11 OS, powered by the RK3399 processor.


RK3399, with its big.LITTLE architecture, represents a significant advancement in technology, offering a powerful yet energy-efficient solution for a variety of applications.




Its hexa-core configuration, robust media capabilities, and versatile connectivity options make it a standout choice in the processor market.


The big.LITTLE architecture further enhances its appeal by providing an intelligent balance between performance and power consumption, catering to the growing demand for high-efficiency computing in today's tech-driven world.

Understanding RK3399 Processor and big.LITTLE Architecture It Used