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What Are the Characteristics of Medical TFT LCD?

With the maturity of TFT technology in the early 1990s, TFT LCD screen has developed rapidly and has now become the mainstream display screen, which is inseparable from its advantages. The following are some explanations of the characteristics of medical wholesale TFT module LCD screens organized by Suzhou Proculus Technologies Co., Ltd., hoping to help you expand more knowledge. The characteristics of medical TFT LCD screen are as follows.

1. Medical TFT Display screen has good service characteristics

Low voltage application, low driving voltage, solidification, flattening with improved safety and reliability, thin and light, low power consumption that saves a lot of raw materials and space for use, size serialization, variety, convenient and flexible use, easy maintenance, update, upgrade, long life, etc. The medical TFT LCD screen is a full-size display terminal whose display quality ranges from the simplest monochrome text and graphics to high-resolution, high-color fidelity, high-brightness, high-contrast, and high-response-speed displays of various specifications.

2. Medical TFT LCD screen has good environmental protection properties

No radiation, no flicker, harmless to the user's health. In particular, the emergence of TFT LCD module products e-books has brought mankind into the era of paperless office and paperless printing, triggering a revolution in the way of human learning, dissemination and recording of civilization.

3. Medical TFT LCD screen has a wide range of applications

TFT screen based on medical TFT  LCD screen equipment technology is the pillar industry of the information society, and its technology can be applied to thin film transistor organic electroluminescence (TFT-OLED) flat panel displays are also developing rapidly.

4. The medical TFT  lcd technology has a high degree of automation and good characteristics of large-scale industrial production

The uart TFT LCD screen industry is technologically mature, with a yield of more than 90%.

The above is what we are going to talk about today about the TFT LCD screen: medical TFT LCD screen's characteristics. Do you have a deeper understanding after reading it? If you have any other questions, please contact Suzhou Proculus Technologies Co., Ltd., and we will serve you wholeheartedly!

What Are the Characteristics of Medical TFT LCD?