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The introduction of Suzhou Proculus Technologies' exhibitions

2017 FIEE in Sao Paulo, Brazil

In July, FIEE, the famous professional exhibition of power, energy and automation industry was grandly held in Sao Paulo Exhibition Center.

This exhibition was mainly divided into two themes: electric power exhibition and electronic components exhibition. In this exhibition, electronic components theme achieved excellent achievements.

More than 600 enterprises from 34 countries and regions including Brazil, the United States, Germany, Canada, Japan, India, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, China, in the meantime, 55,000 professionals from 60 countries and regions attended the visit.

Suzhou Proculus Technologies, as a professional electronic components R & D manufacturer, also participated in this grant exhibition. In the exhibition, our UART Module and Android Touch Panel which exhibited by our company tremendously attracted the keen attention of participants from all over the world.


2018 Embedded World Exhibition&cConference

Nuremberg Embedded World is one of the most influential exhibitions in the world and the largest embedded systems exhibition on a global scale. As an annual pageant in the field of embedded systems, this exhibition assembled many professionals .

Suzhou Proculus Technologies was willing to modestly learning with our peers, and in-depth cooperation with the international market to participate in this grand event. In this exhibition, our company showed uart display module and Android touch screen, compared with the previous had a great innovation.

The performances, functions, sizes and application scenes also had made new breakthroughs, therefore, Proculus also met many trustworthy customers, and laid a solid foundation with in-depth cooperation for the future.


2019 Embedded World Exhibition&cConference

2019 Embedded World, compared with the last exhibition, the number of exhibitors increased by nearly 100. In this exhibition, 1,117 embedded exhibitors from 42 countries attracted 31,000 professional visitors from 84 countries.

At the same time, abundant professional forums and high-tech industry conferences covered hot topics of the industry. In 2019, Embedded World focuses on the theme of "Embedded Intelligence", focusing on industrial electronics and the whole embedded industry chain.

The theme of this exhibition perfectly matched our company's products and characteristics. Suzhou Proculus Technologies’ products such as the UART LCD are mainly used in industry. In addition, we also have developed Android touch screen and uart modules for commercial and medical applications.

We are committed to the road of embedded intelligent development. So in this exhibition, the All in One embedded LCD module developed by our company had been vigorously welcomed and paid great concern, our exhibition achieved a complete success.


2019 FIEE in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Two years later, our company participated in FIEE exhibition once again. In this year, we fully opened the door to foreign market. In this exhibition, we displayed a richer product series, more comprehensive product functions.

Participated in several foreign exhibitions, Suzhou Proculus Technologies had accumulated more experience, developed and upgraded products were more able to meet the needs of customers and the market. We publicized own brand and also obtained the support of many customers.


2019 Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Show

On October 13, the 39th Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Show officially opened. As a well-known exhibition in Asia, the electronics show brought together more than 4,300 exhibitors from many countries and regions around the world, showcasing various intelligent technology products and cutting-edge technologies to visitors from all over the world.

The purpose of Suzhou Proculus Technologies to participate in the Hong Kong Autumn Electronics show was to let more overseas users know about our high-quality electronic products, so that our Android display module and uart touch panel could enter into a larger market, to serve more customers.


The introduction of Suzhou Proculus Technologies' exhibitions