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Proculus LCD Module Application: Welding Machine


Argon arc welding is a welding technology that uses argon gas as a shielding gas. Also known as argon gas shielded welding. It is to pass argon shielding gas around the arc welding to isolate the air outside the welding zone and prevent the oxidation of the welding zone.


The argon arc welding technology is based on the principle of ordinary arc welding, using argon gas to protect the metal welding material, and through high current, the welding material is melted into a liquid state on the substrate to be welded to form a molten pool, so that the metal to be welded and the welding material are formed. It is a welding technology in which the metallurgical combination of materials is achieved. Due to the continuous supply of argon gas during high-temperature fusion welding, the welding material cannot be contacted with oxygen in the air, thereby preventing the oxidation of the welding material. Therefore, stainless steel and iron metal metals can be welded.


With the development of digitization, automation, computer, and mechanical design technology, as well as the high emphasis on welding quality, automatic welding machines have developed into an advanced manufacturing technology, and automatic welding equipment has played an increasingly important role in the application of various industries. The larger, the range of applications is rapidly expanding.


The Proculus 7-inch TFT LCD module provides an excellent display and control solution for automatic welding machines. Through the connection between the serial port on the main board and the development board of the downstream welding equipment, the Proculus screen module can receive/send serial commands. Compared with the traditional configuration screen, the welding software based on Android system has a more beautiful interface layout and is easier to update and adjust. Through the built-in WIFI module, the OTA upgrade of software functions can be realized, so that the remote repair and function addition of the device can become a reality. Not only that, in addition to supporting a large amount of data storage in the Proculus module, the Android system can realize the real-time reading function of various documents, which is convenient for users to learn product use and export processing parameters.


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Proculus LCD Module Application: Welding Machine