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What Types of Common LCD Modules Are There?

The liquid crystal display module is the display part in the power terminal, instrumentation and so on. The digital display liquid crystal module can only display numbers and some identification symbols, which is also relatively common. The following is some knowledge about common digital display liquid crystal display modules.

1. Counting LCD display module

This is a counting display unit assembled by a seven-segment liquid crystal display device with different digits, a decoding driver, or a counter. It has the functions of recording, processing, and displaying numbers. The main products that can be seen in the market are the unit LCD module driven by the CD4055 decoder driver. And 4-digit, 6-digit, 8-digit, 10-digit, 12-digit, 16-digit counting LCD display module, which is assembled by ICM7211, ICM7231, ICM7232, CD14543, UPD145001, HD44100 and other integrated circuits and corresponding supporting liquid crystal display devices.

2. Metering LCD display module

This is a liquid crystal screen module assembled by a multi-segment liquid crystal display device and an integrated circuit chip with decoding, driving, counting, and AD conversion functions. Because the integrated circuit used has A, D conversion function, it can convert the input analog electric signal into digital quantity and display it. We know that any physical quantity, even chemical quantity, can be converted into analog electricity. So as long as it is equipped with a certain sensor, this LCD module can realize the measurement and display of any value, which is very convenient to use. The functions and characteristics of these integrated circuits determine the functions and characteristics of the metering module. As a metrological product, metrological verification is required according to regulations. Approved by the measurement department, a measurement certificate is affixed to the product.

3. Timing LCD display module

The liquid crystal display module has been used for timing for a long time. Assembling a liquid crystal display device with a timing integrated circuit is a fully functional timer. Since it does not have the outer shell of a finished clock, it is called a timing module. Although the timing module is very versatile, it is difficult to buy a universal and standard timing module on the market. You can only go to the electronic clock manufacturer to purchase or customize the appropriate watch movement. And it is important to choose a reliable LCD module manufacturer. Although the timing module and the counting module are similar in appearance, their display modes are different. The number displayed by the timing module is composed of two digits in groups of two digits, and each digit of the counting module is arranged in a row.

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What Types of Common LCD Modules Are There?