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What Are the Characteristics of a 4.3 Inch LCD Module?

The 4.3-inch LCD display module is an LCD display developed and designed by Proculus, using new technologies in the current display field. The 4.3-inch LCD screen display module has the following major features:

1. Ultra-wide temperature operating temperature of LCD screen module

The LCD screen module can adapt to a very wide operating temperature (-40 degrees Celsius to +80 degrees Celsius), and works normally under extreme conditions, showing no delay or tailing on the interface.

2. The LCD screen module emits light independently

The 4.3 inch LCD screen has changed the way that the general LCD screen needs to rely on the backlight to light the LCD screen module. The wide temperature LCD screen under the new technology can easily satisfy the normal display under the conditions of strong light and direct sunlight in the wild. Because of the selected self-luminous form, the viewing angle of the LCD module is greatly improved, and the maximum viewing angle can reach 180°. The authenticity of the displayed color can be guaranteed under a special angle.

3. Low power consumption of LCD screen module

Because the 4.3 inch LCD screen uses the self-luminous feature, the power consumption of the whole machine is greatly improved. At an ultra-low operating temperature, the normal power consumption is only 0.9W, which has significant advantages compared to ordinary LCD screens that do not necessarily meet the requirements by heating.

4. Diversified interfaces of LCD screen module

The 4.3-inch LCD screen uses the RS232 serial communication protocol. Users can easily drive wide-temperature color LCD screens without developing the LCD bottom layer. Proculus can provide individual customized services according to user needs, such as customizing 8080 bus, spi serial port, VGA interface, HDMI interface, LVDS interface.

5. The LCD screen module has high resistance to mechanical shock

The LCD module can easily complete technical specifications such as GJB-150/GJB-151 without special treatment.

What Are the Characteristics of a 4.3 Inch LCD Module?