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What Will Affect the Price of LCD Display?

At present, as LCD technology continues to mature, competition in the LCD LCD market is becoming more and more fierce, and each quotation is different. This is nothing more than a troublesome thing for customers who purchase products. What are the factors that affect the lcd module price?

Ⅰ. Specifications of the LCD display

LCD displays are divided into many types, such as TN LCD, IPS LCD, high-brightness LCD, etc. The prices of LCD LCDs with different specifications are entirely different, so that LCD LCD manufacturers will quote the required specifications of the LCD LCD display.

Ⅱ. Raw materials of the LCD display

LCD liquid crystal display mainly comprises several key raw materials of LCD liquid crystal display glass panel, backlight, IC, and FPC. Each raw material has different specifications and qualities, which will directly affect the price of LCD display. Take the backlight as an example. The price of LED lamp beads can vary from 5 to 15 yuan. The number of lamp beads, ordinary lamp beads, or dual-core lamps has a price difference. These will directly affect the LCD liquid crystal display cost and thus affect the price.

Ⅲ. Application industries of the LCD display

Different LCD liquid crystal display application industries will have different solutions. Customers need to choose different raw materials according to different solutions, and the corresponding LCD liquid crystal display prices will vary. For example, Proculus Technologies will provide corresponding solutions according to the different industries in the smart terminal.

The  factors affecting the price of LCD display are summarized above. In addition to the price of LCD screens, which are more concerned by customers, it is also important to find strong LCD screen manufacturers. Proculus Technologies focuses on providing standard and customized display products and displays technology solutions, which are trustworthy. Before buying an LCD screen, give priority to Proculus!

What Will Affect the Price of LCD Display?