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Application of Liquid Crystal Display Screens in Environmental Monitoring Equipment

In recent years, with the increasing attention of the country to environmental protection, the demand for environmental monitoring equipment has been increasing, and the requirements for equipment are also becoming higher. Correspondingly, the demand and requirements for environmental monitoring LCD displays used to display monitoring data are also higher. Some customers use LCD module displays for data display and monitoring in environmental monitoring equipment. Compared with monochrome displays, TFT color screens and smart LCD screens can provide a more rich human-machine interface and enhance user experience.

Environmental monitoring displays can be selected based on the place of use and the characteristics of the monitored substances. For example, outdoor environmental monitoring displays need to have high readability under sunlight, and displays with waterproof and dustproof functions have a relatively long service life and are easy to maintain. LCD smart modules and TFT color screen series products that can be read in sunlight have a variety of sizes and interfaces to choose from. Customers can choose the appropriate environmental monitoring display according to the equipment requirements. In addition, LCD displays have various sizes, including 10.4 inch LCD display.

LCD module display water quality analyzer

The LCD module display water quality analyzer is used to monitor more than 100 substances such as COD (chemical oxygen demand), ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, VOC (volatile organic compounds), heavy metals, etc. It can be widely used in municipal sewage, domestic sewage, tap water plants, surface water, drinking water sources, aquaculture, industrial wastewater and other fields.

LCD display module online water quality monitoring and analysis instrument

The LCD module display online water quality monitoring and analysis instrument, one of the LCD module products, is specially designed for unmanned application scenarios. The industrial computer (including display and other peripherals) provides a good human-computer interaction interface for on-site operators (system workflow, real-time data, reports, historical data inquiry and report export, parameter setting, instrument and system status, etc.). Generally, the industrial computer is used as the control master and the PLC is used as the control slave.

LCD module display flue gas analyzer

The LCD display module flue gas analyzer is used to monitor SO2, NO, O2, humidity, temperature, pressure, flow rate and dust concentration. It is applied to tail gas emission monitoring and process control in coal-fired power plants, garbage power plants, cement plants, glass plants and other industries.

LCD module display air quality analyzer

The LCD module display air quality analyzer is used to detect and evaluate the environmental air quality parameters, such as SO2, NOx, CO, O3, PM10, and air dust concentration levels. It can be widely used in environmental air quality monitoring places such as industrial pollution areas, residential areas, and cities.

There are many equipment used in environmental monitoring, most of which use displays. LCD module displays can display data more intuitively, bringing a lot of convenience for data monitoring and operation. The products are suitable for various outdoor environments, and customers can choose the appropriate LCD display product according to their actual needs.

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