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Intelligent Uart Screen Charging Station Application Solution

According to data, the global sales of new energy vehicles are increasing significantly. The global penetration rate of electric vehicles has grown from 0.8% to 7.74%. This not only signifies the arrival of the electric vehicle industry trend, but also confirms that the national new energy vehicle industry is in a period of rapid development.

With the rapid growth of electric vehicle sales and ownership, charging demand continues to climb. With the support of the new infrastructure policy, the construction of charging stations has entered a period of rapid development. Charging is the mainstream way for new energy vehicles to replenish energy, and it is also an important part of the new energy vehicle industry. Solving the problem of charging station coverage is crucial for promoting and developing new energy vehicles, as it is considered the "last mile" problem for promoting electric vehicles.

The charging station industry has completed its transformation under the promotion of a large demand for charging, and various enterprises should focus more on the end user experience in charging station construction. Currently, the charging station industry has low barriers to entry, high product standardization, and a large number of suppliers, resulting in significant market competitiveness. Equipping intelligent screens has become a choice for most enterprises to improve the market competitiveness of their charging station products.

As a result, some manufacturers have launched uart screens for intelligent display in charging stations. It adopts a dual-core processor and replaces the original MCU controller chip with a single chip, saving the cost of "one chip" while meeting the requirements of equipment networking and color screen display, bringing a cost-effective, high-performance, and low-power solution to the charging station industry.

The use of UART screens for intelligent displays in charging stations has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. These displays allow for the efficient and accurate visualization of charging information, such as station availability and battery charge levels. This type of technology allows for a much more efficient use of charging resources. Due to the growing demand for these UART screens, wholesale TFT screen is becoming more available from suppliers. This makes it easier for charging station owners to acquire the screens they need for their stations without having to purchase large quantities.

Introduction of intelligent uart screens

A charging station functions similarly to a fuel dispenser at a gas station, and can be fixed to the ground or wall. It can be installed in public buildings (public buildings, shopping malls, public parking lots, etc.) and residential parking lots or charging stations, and can charge various types of electric vehicles according to different voltage levels. Charging stations generally provide two charging modes: normal charging and fast charging. People can use a specific charging card to swipe on the man-machine interactive operation interface provided by the charging station, to select the corresponding charging mode, charging time, and printing of charging data. The charging station uart display screen can display the amount of charge, cost, charging time, and other data.

The 7.0 inch TFT LCD display is a popular choice for use in charging stations as an intelligent display. UART screens feature a variety of features, such as high brightness, wide viewing angle, long-term stability and a low power consumption. They are also designed to be slim and lightweight, making them easy to install and maintain. 

Advantages of intelligent uart screens

The intelligent uart screen uses a full-angle IPS technology color screen, which can display a QR code, the amount of charge, the remaining charging time, the output power, the time used, and abnormal alarm prompts in real-time, allowing you to know the charging usage anytime, anywhere, making charging safer. The hardware integrates WIFI, Bluetooth, uarts, etc., and supports OAT remote upgrade. It also supports the use of external card readers through the uart.

The intelligent uart screen does not require environmental construction, and can directly call the API interface to quickly complete the development of business interaction logic, reducing the learning cost. The function layer encapsulates various types of connections and functions, and also supports the addition of various types of drivers by yourself. This allows the user to focus on their own product's business logic and application protocol, greatly reducing the customer's development threshold and time.

Intelligent Uart Screen Charging Station Application Solution