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Causes of TFT LCD Display Failure

The display LCD TFT is a kind of display screen that we are familiar with. Many intelligent terminal products use display LCD TFT. Liquid crystal is the most important part of display LCD TFT. Liquid crystal is a physical form, and this physical form can be used as a key factor in display by sorting. To understand the quality of display LCD wholesale tft module, we generally understand from the specific parameters. So what if the display LCD TFT is blurred? Now let Proculus introduce to you.

1. The  display LCD TFT is blurred before installation

The LCD TFT display which becomes blurred and indistinct is divided into two cases: one is the display LCD TFT before installation, and the other is the display LCD TFT after a period of use. If you want to buy lcd module, you should the reasons for these two different time periods are also completely different.

Generally, the display LCD TFT is blurred before installation, which is likely to be the reason for the display LCD TFT itself. We generally check whether the driver is normal, and whether there is a problem with the chip and wiring. It is possible that there are some defects in the design of display LCD TFT, which leads to the blurred screen of display LCD TFT. This kind of situation needs to carry on the internal analysis to the TFT LCD display supplier and obtains the concrete solution.

2. The  display LCD TFT is blurred after a period of use

There is another situation mentioned earlier, that is, it has been used for a period of time after installation, which leads to the blurring of the display LCD TFT. We need to check whether the connection with the motherboard is normal, whether the picture shows signs of jitter, whether the image can be seen clearly, and whether the tightness of the whole machine is poor, resulting in dust or water in the place where the motherboard is connected to the TFT LCD screen, all of which are likely to cause TFT LCD blurred screen. This kind of analysis should be combined with the TFT LCD screen itself, motherboard, structure and so on, and the steps are more complex.

If the cause cannot be found out in many aspects, it is necessary to allow professional manufacturers to conduct research, which is more worry-free and labor-saving.

The above content is the introduction to the treatment method of TFT LCD screen. With the continuous increase of TFT LCD display supplier, the competition in TFT  LCD industry is becoming more and more fierce. The quality of many TFT LCD manufacturers is also uneven, and there is no lack of many black-hearted manufacturers to simplify the production process for profit, resulting in a lot of bad phenomena in the products. Therefore, we still have to pay more attention to the choice of TFT LCD suppliers.

Causes of TFT LCD Display Failure